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Happy New Year!
children of dune - leto 1
Happy New Year! I don't feel any different, per se, but have decided that that is okay, as I am being Conspicuously Consumeristic.

So. Today I decided to splurge.

As those who follow along regularly know, as I whined about it, I did not get the job I applied for. So, to soothe my hurt pride, shattered dreams, and also, my love of shopping, I decided that this month, I would buy things that were not only completely unnecessary, but also, that I could not afford.

See, though, I think at least part of that was me exaggerating. Except it sort of isn't, since I came home with a new television, VCR, and entertainment thingie to put it all on after leaving the house to, I swear, just comparison shop against a TV I saw at Amazon.com.

Disassembled entertainment center, of course.

Yeeaaah. It's no longer disassembled, but more along the lines of partially assembled, because these little thingers won't work and it looks like we'll need masculine help. It's rather more complex than expected, which maybe I should have anticipated when I opened it up and noted that there was more than one type of screw. Which means, it should be assembled sometime next month, most likely, since I know the men in my life quite well. Or alternately, I'll get a hot glue gun, some plastic cement, and just *glue* that bitch together. Which if I start carrying on about this, it may scare someone enough to come and fix it for me. Any volunteers?


I still hanve't opened my TV up yet. I shall instead wait until I can put it on the entertainment center and hope it doesn't crash.

Anyway. I will be suffering short on cash for the rest of the month. But seeing Brian on something in teh correct color, wearing headphones, on a decent size screen? Totally worth it.


Now must price DVDs, as I have enough for either season one or season two. Must choose. Or just buy season three now and anticipate its coming, which is also attractive. And thirty dollars less.

Oh, decisions, decisions.

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ooh new tv, vcr and etc.!! If you'll let me move in I'll share my dvd set of QAF (US) 1st sn. and then you can buy season 2 or 3 (though I vote for 3) and we can have marathon viewing parties. I'll even help assemble the entertainment center. :)

I'd almost offer to help if I weren't anticipating spending the coming weekend bonding with the DSL. :Swoon: But I was able to actually assemble the computer desk that I bought for Edward singlehandedly and correctly, despite it having about six different types of screw and assorted other braces and thingies. It didn't even collapse or anything. And I was able to modify it to compensate for the printer shelf I wasn't attaching so I could have six inches of space to be able to walk between the end of the desk and the edge of my bed.

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