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and the answers

So wanna know?

Click and see. Links to relevant fics included, for those of you who are just *so* damn impressed with our fandom that you just *gotta* know what they are.

By the way, the answers were *great*. And for the record, there really aren't any wrong answers. There are, however, some seriously funny ones.

Heh. seperis, rageprufrock, and cjandre thank you for playing. And also, for having a sense of humor.

Smallville *so* rocks.

  1. The story where Clark and Lex glow whenever they have orgasms, but only if Clark's knees are tickled.
  2. -- Golden by CJ and Reetchick

  3. So, like, after the season finale? Clark is all, OMG RED METEOR ROCK -- what do you mean it's call Kryptonite? U R SOU KRAZEEE -- and Lex is all DROWN. But then like, NOTHING happens for like sixteen bajillion pages and Clark gets back home and is all DOOM and Lex is all STILL DROWNED. And then nothing happens.
  4. -- Burn by Rageprufrock

  5. It's the first season and Clark and Lex play a really weird drinking game and then have sex with, like, no lube. Or really *little* lube. And then sort of angst, but not really.
  6. -- Kid's Game by Te

  7. The one with the Greek myths and the meteor shower in the garden
  8. -- The Perseids by CJ

  9. So like, in teh future Lex is all OMG I'm the PRESIDENT after he went all homeland security code red when the aliens hit. And like, he and Clark are all NOT A THING anymore cause Clark was like SKI TRIP LOBOTOMY HAHA and then Lex was like SHIT WOMAN -- DUMPS YOUR ASS. But then Superman is all OMG OVAL OFFICE BLOWJOBS. WE R SOU MONICA!!1! and Lex is all DAMN and they are like OMG BACK TOGETHER MFEO.
  10. -- The Presence of Fire by RivkaT

  11. Clark, like, watches Lex sleep, and people die when he does, and it's really, really creepy.
  12. -- Sleeper by Te

  13. There's like, two Lexes, and both of them like Clark but only one of them is real and they call the ship Bessie and stuff, and it's soooo cool.
  14. -- Identical series by Lanning

  15. Okay, so Clark's on meteor rock and he and Lex have like, lots of sex, and it's really rough, and Lex is okay with that except he's not, and he's kind of all banged up, and Martha's really, really nice to him afterward and stuff.
  16. -- Incarnadine by RivkaT

  17. Clark woke up and didn't want to be gay AND an alien, and it broke him.
  18. -- Bare the Cross by CJ

  19. Clark has to get fucked or he is in serious pain.
  20. -- Teen of Steele; Man of Means by Anne Higgins

  21. The one where Clark has to raises his egg all by himself.
  22. - Family, Friendship, and Love by Henry Jones

    Need a link

  23. The one where Lex goes completely crazy and wears this kryptonite bracelet that controls Clark and is all nice to Lionel and stuff and then decides that being crazy is okay. I think.
  24. -- Mercy by Koi

  25. OK, so Clark's like OLD now. And he's like, losing his powers and stuff and then ALL OMG CAR CRASH. But then Lex is like OMG BOYFRIEND R U ALRIGHT OMG??!1! And Clark is like WTF but there's this girl and a biting fish and some baseball and stuff. Then they have sex. and OMG CLARK CALLS HIS MOM FROM BED HAHA WHAT A DORK!!1!
  26. -- Interstitial by Punk

  27. Lionel dies, Lex gets really pissy, and Clark has to babysit him.
  28. -- The Wasteland by jenn

  29. Lex totally disappears and Clark finds him living in a village. They talk alot. Also? Lex is dying. And they have sex.
  30. -- Immanence by Sarah T

  31. Clark and Lex get in a car. And have sex. A lot. Oh, and sleep. But mostly have sex. AND OMG THERE IS A BOUNCY ROOM THING AT A FAIR! And then an ocean, AND MORE SEX.
  32. -- Sleep While I Drive by jenn

  33. OMG SO THERE'S WEED -- and then Clark and Lex have SEX. A LOT. ON A FLOOR. And then ON A COUCH. And BUY PEANUT BUTTER. And then HAVE SEX. And then HAVE MORE SEX.
  34. -- This, Too by pru and jenn

  35. Okay, they have a car accident and then there are these killer cows, then Clark and Lex have sex. And then get weird. And then they talk. And make out a little.
  36. -- The Road Home by Meredith Lynn

  37. OK, so there was this chick who wrote this fic, right? And it's all about Clark and Lex being all *BUTTSEX* in the future. But then Clark's all OMG IM NOT GONNA DIE (whiny bitch) and then he's all OMG *RUINS LEX'S LIFE* And then all of fandom was like *KILL* and then like *SLIT WRISTS*
  38. -- Immortality by Grail

  39. The one with the cherries and then Lex tries to drown himself and Clark totally saves him.
  40. -- Apocrypha by Thamiris

  41. Lex kills everyone Clark knows because he's all gripey that Clark won't date him. And they have sex.
  42. -- Waiting for Yes by shallot

  43. Clark finally loses it as superman and lets Lex do all his thinking and fucking for him
  44. -- Past Grief by Te

  45. OMG so this one is written all old timey and Clarks all I'll DETECT UR ASS BABY and Lex is like SOMEONE IS EATING MY MEAT only like, not like that. And Clark is all WELL I'LL ROAST YOUR BEEF and Lex is like DOOD.
  46. -- Metropolis Confidential by Hope

  47. Lex and Clark get trapped in a car and it's like, snowing and stuff and then Clark says, body heat! And then they have kind-of sex.
  48. -- Let it Snow by Debchan

  49. Clark decides to act like a teeage girl with a mojor crush in order to get Lex's attention. It works.
  50. -- 101 Ways to Say I Love You, Or How to Ruin Everything by Rhiannonhero

  51. So Lex is all OMG CASSANDRA'S BRAIN IS LIKE CRACK and goes all SHOOTS UP. But then he's like WHACKO FUCKJOB and Clark is all WOAH and the Kents are all WOAH and Lex is all WHACKO and then Clark is like LEMME SHOVE MY TONGUE DOWN YOUR THROAT MKAY and Lex is like NO DOOM BWAH and then Clark is all MUAH and then WOAH THEY SAVE THE WORLD.
  52. -- The Butterfly Effect by TheSpike

  53. Clark is such a slut he gives up his powers as a penance.
  54. -- Opposites and Choices by Wendi

  55. The story where you learn like 50 different words for Penis.
  56. -- The Last Buns of Krypton by Kat Reitz tzigane

  57. Lex meets his future self and the future self dresses *really* well and says, don't be bad in the future! And he says okay. And he's not.
  58. -- Prophets of Eden by Destina

  59. So Clark starts like, sleepwalking, right OR LIKE OMG NO -- he's all sleepFLY coz he's LIKE CLARK AND OMG TW IS SOOOU HOT and RIGHT INTO LEX's BED OMG. AHAHA.
  60. -- Drift by Rose Ferguson is acting odd, so I didn't get this one. Or my computer is. But it's there. And it's good.


So, who has remedial Smallville reading to do? *g*
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