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pretty pretties

goss makes pretty, pretty things.

Very, very pretty, and it's a cover for Standing in the Common Spaces.

It's like magic, what she can do with art. DAMN. Just *damn*.


jainieg is corrupting my morals. Yes, it's true. She's a massive influence for the Dark Side (aka Ethan). All of you following Hostile/Hostel (or is that the other way around?) know this already, but really, it bears repeating. Like, a zillion times.



For kicks, if you haven't, and I can't *imagine* why you haven't, download sisabet's Whiskey For My Men; Beer For My Horses. It is just *so* cool. And never would I ever have guessed that any country song would work, but hey, sisabet is just *that* good. No, really. Funny, hot, and just great.

I have the slowest modem in history. I could get up, *walk* to altricial's house, and get them directly from her computer faster than I can download them. But that's okay, as good things come to those that wait, patience is a virtue, the grass is always greener on the other side, and there's never a bad time for good smut.

Like this.

Fic Recs

The Son of the Dawn by Paul Plesko. I'm never going to get over my terror of first person POV--if you've read what I have in this fandom, you already understand the scarring is pretty much permanent--but Paul keeps excellent control of Brian's voice and tone, so I pretended I'd never read a first person before in QaF and that worked. Post season three--I had some quibbles with some of the wording, but nothing that nail-to-chalkboarded me or anything. And well. It's hot. And also, I'd just like to point out, okay, ouch. But in a good, hot way. I'm not entirely sure he needed to hyphenate some of the words, but hell, I don't have a dictionary with me atm, so not too worried.

It was a test, I thought. A test of ownership. A test of commitment. A test of feelings. If I said "no," then he'd want an explanation... a justification. Why could I seek pleasure elsewhere while denying him the opportunity? And I couldn't explain it, really... I, who valued brutal honesty, couldn't handle gentle honesty. These feelings violated everything I'd believed for the last nine years. "No fetters. No baggage. Travel light." And he was asking me to change that.

I just liked that bit.

Okay. Downloading. Go modem! Go modem! Damn you, *go*.
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