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The Toybox

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i need recs
children of dune - leto 1
Vid recs, to be specific. I know, what with sulking, Christmas, and lifechanging decisions I'm really *really* trying to talk myself out of, I've missed some. QaF, SV, and well, at this point, pretty much anything good in any fandom. I've gotten a few the last few weeks, but some I put off because I kept thinking, I'll get that as soon as I have time. Now of course, I have time, and can't remember a damn thing.

I need inspiration. Or maybe more sleep. I'm not entirely sure which.

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I almost wish I knew a good popslash vid, just so I could rec it to you and see what you did with it. *snerk*

*surprised* There are popslash vids?

My Lord, of course there are. In fact, one of the bands released something that could be called one, loosely.

I have a bunch of recs here, though they're now half a year old.

Ohohoo. Thank you!


Okay, I *remmeber* starting to download Blank after you recced and dammit, where *is* it?

*stares at harddrive* Don't betray me.


Thanks for the linkage. Redownloading in progress.

Okay, I have three of your vids--My World, the Beauty and the Beast one, and the one that was either between them or right after. What are the other one(s)? I *know* I saw a link to one, I made a mental note to download it and then didn't. Grrr.

http://www.dejabu.org/anna/ahh/ I finally have a website with a stolen festive layout :))

Swing by altricial and kitkatbyte's journals. Much goodness. Beauty and the Beast, Buffy Musical, and Blank to name but a few.

Going to look right now and check.

I *know* I saw them go by my friends page. Grr. Holidays. Put me so behind.


Life-changing decisions? Should I be encouraging, or alarmed?

Heee. Nothing too shocking. Though shocking to me, I guess, but I'm easy to surprise.

*sends tons of hugs*

How do you feel about UK QaF?


That's the small version (6.9mb), there is a much nicer looking version but it's huge (29mb)

*g* I'm not religiously opposed or anything.

Thanks! *makes note of link*

Have you seen Kaliroi's latest SV vids?

They've been out a while but you might have missed them.

I so probably did--I don't think I've downloaded in SV since early this summer. Thank you!

Whee! Thank you!

I love quick linkage.

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