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children of dune - leto 1
London's new fic Playing With Knives has been updated through part nine. I've been reading this slyly and telling no one how great it is, because I am sneaky like that.

London appeals to the minimalist in me.

Teacher Fic by blaurosen and sparkledark

Role switch. Justin's an economics teacher. Brian's not old enough to vote. Hijinks ensue. If by hijinks, you mean, smut. That works for me. Characterizations are very good. I'm happy.

one and two

QaF Secret Santa is up. Choose your own adventure in reading--I didn't hate any of them, which was kind of a shock, but there you go. Unlabeled by pairing. Be *brave*. Just jump in and read.

I have yet another Super Large Mug, this time crystal. Am I supposed to look at it or use it? Because I'm using it. I also cried myself almost sick watching LOTR TT (Thank you, Santa), because man, when the elves showed up? Just so *happy*. Also, I like hopeless battles that turn the right way, killer trees, and swords. I'm shallow and very proud of this.

But Aragorn needs a bath. I don't think he's been clean for *months*. How do the elves keep so minty fresh even during heavy death dealing and gushing blood anyway?

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Role switch. Justin's an economics teacher. Brian's not old enough to vote. Hijinks ensue. If by hijinks, you mean, smut. That works for me. Characterizations are very good. I'm happy.

Thanks for the rec. I am glad you are happy.

I bookmarked Rachel's memories page to keep up. It's addictive as hell. So very *them*.

*happy sigh*

(Deleted comment)
Three so far. I'm still trying to work out what to say about them besides mmm, good, and oooh, hot. *grins* I should have a better vocabulary, darn it.

I've been sort of cautiously reading "Playing with Knives," because London is good enough that you can't *not* read him, but sometimes his fics make me a little wary. Anyway, in this latest section, I was wincing because I was like, "Why do Brian and Justin never like, talk to each other, and share their plans, and instead ruin both of their lives by trying to plan around the other person?" and I was about to start shouting about stupid me and lack of communication, when they actually *spoke* and discussed meaningful things. So that was a big relief.


London always just flashes by, the pacing is so good. I remember reading those first two stories in one sitting--well, Dancing in the Fire, then going back to warily read Waiting Out the Cold, as my OTP heart was vaguely freaked out by A Pairing Other Than B/J.

Ooooooo, I just watch the TT for the first time yesterday. And when the elves showed up, my reaction was probably pretty much the same as yours. Shivers went up and down my back, my heart was thumping, and I had to fight not to cry. I watched that scene over and over. So perfect. Elves. So pretty. ::contented sigh::

Yes! It was all brave and cool and yay yay yay! I was in tears then, then when Gandalf showed up, and then when Merry was trying to talk the trees into war.

Of course, I also cried my way through The Circle of Life in The Lion King this weekend, so really, one has to wonder....

*blissful sigh* I have to see RoTK soon. Damn. *Soon*.

Unlabeled by pairing because, of course, they're ALL B/J...


(Deleted comment)
*grins* I'm just ragging Jenn. I figured there had to be some that weren't Brian/Justin.

*sniffs* Just because I'm the only one who cares if Emmet gets laid...

*pets* There's Brian/Emmett out there, you know.


*belatedly throws an extra t on the poor man's name*

Is the Brian/Emmett any good?

I'm the one who asked for Brian/Emmett, so you are not alone. It's very funny. Not romantic or anything. It's Brian and Emmett shop for a Christmas Tree.

If you want Brian/Emmett with sex I've just posted a bit of a work in progress involving that on my journal.

Oooooo, Brian-and-Emmett gen. *grin* Gotta love that. Thanks!

I'll come check out the smut momentarily, though I refrain from much commentary on WiPs--I save my remarks for the end. :) In my own experience, I'm less intimidated to finish a long story if I don't know how many eyes are on me.

*squints* One day, you will love the B/J.

*thinks on hypnosis*

The relentless B/Jing (hee!) is why I stopped watching the series halfway through. I just...it'd take hypnosis to get me behind that.

Anyone doing any more RPS? *hopeful*

Hmm. I think so--i'm trying to remember who all is writing it. Try my friendlist. At least a quarter of the QaFLJ people write it, I think, or read and rec it.

It seems to be addictive. *g*

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