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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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and sometimes....
children of dune - leto 1
And sometimes, life realizes you are *so blocked* on that damn fic that it gives you early Christmas presents!

That's a shame....another BAD characteriztion!

Hopefully you'll wake up one day.


*endlessly distracted*

Someone actually sent you an email that says that? We're *allowed* to send emails that say that? Hell, I've been missing out.

I got all fluffy and excited. My first flame! Well, almost. I thin it requires more vitriol to qualify, but--flame! Me! YAY!

*happy place*

Losing one's flame virginity is such a big deal, doncha think?

So is Gina signing these, or are they anon?

Or perhaps she's using one of the three different socks I've booted from WRBeta in the past six months?

*grins* I see you know each other.

Nope, she's signing. It's so cute. Like watching tiny attack dobermans going after toes.

Three socks? I'm very unsurprised. Very.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
From the "cheers," should we take it this is the same person who had difficulty with spelling and capitalization in the famous "hanky sex" manifesto?

Amazing how recognizable she is. *g*

*humming happy Christmas songs*

Dude, that's harsh.

*fights off urge to whack the bitca who sent that to you*

*wishes them a nasty extended family Christmas day instead* (Hey, with all those good wishes and vibes going round the world, you know the negative stuff has to concentrate and end up somewhere, right?)


It's cute, though. Tiny doberman. All grrr and such.

I suppose I'd take it more seriously if she'd, you know, *read* anything I'd written.

*whistles happy Christmas tunes*

That's a shame....another BAD characteriztion!

Hopefully you'll wake up one day.


Oh God, that *bitch*, you are never going to write again, are you?.

*Uncontrollably sobbing*

Oh the lost, the lost, all that *bad* characterization will be gone and forgotten. Sniff. I don’t know how you can be even writing this entry, I mean; the self-portrait acutance is like… zero.


Wait. Hold on.


That's better. More dramatic. I want to *flounce*.

Bad Characterization

Post the rest of the Emails.

You don't have an explanation do you?

Which is why you haven't replied.

Grow up kid you are out of your league

Re: Bad Characterization


That same buncha losers that have NOTHING to do but run around hiding and emailing each other in private because they are afraid to come out so I can Publicly Slam them again.

DEVIL DOLL Especially who is nothing but a fat ass cow that winds up with EGG on her face. I would say you have to be the WORST bunch of authors that I have ever encountered. I would suggest that all of you do your own research and get the characters RIGHT.

Rogue's suicides and Logan's hanky sex is by far the worst thing I have ever read.

It's no wonder Bryan Singer contacted another group outside the WRBETA!

Bwahahahahahahaaha Blows your ELITE Status out the window when its you that has been passed over. I guess he too could see how terrible your stories are.


Re: Bad Characterization (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Bad Characterization (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Bad Characterization (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Bad Characterization (Anonymous) Expand
(Deleted comment)
Re: Bad Characterization (Anonymous) Expand

OH one more thing before I go


Happy Holidays! Fuckers!

Re: OH one more thing before I go

*waves* Leaving already?

Man, I'm so jealous. No one EVER flames me, and I not only write the Demon RPS, I write babyfucking and quasi-rape! *whines*

*thinks* I'll share her with you if you like.

And on QaF/X-Men...okay, problem. I cannot get Gambit's voice here. I have an idea, but he needs to, you know, *talk*.

Stupid talking characters. If they jumped straight to blow-jobs, I wouldn't have this problem.

QaF (Anonymous) Expand
wow. comedy gold, baby!

It makes the holidays merry. *g*





*raises eyebrows* This is kind of boring now. And I'm done with my cookies.


(Deleted comment)

I wouldn't bet against you. *shakes head*

(Deleted comment)
How fun that your little flamer might pop up and share her idiocy whenever you post a story. Now when you write something sad and heartbreaking we can read her comments, laugh heartily, and feel cheerful again.

I hope your cookies were yummy!

*grins* Surprisingly unburned. It looks as if there is *one* cookie type I can cook.

*eg* Glad, of course, to amuse, as always.

*sends virtual cookies*

Hee. Flames are fun. I followed this over from a link in...well, pretty much everyone's journal, because it's exploded onto my friends page, and it made me giggle a lot. Which was nice, as I braved the mall today to finish my Christmas shopping.

So thank you for brightening my day. :)

It's allll about the Christmas spirit--sharing, laughing, chocolate....


Ah. So good for a giggle.

Handled well, dear. *salutes*

*waves back* There is far, far too little giggling in fandom. Like, letting free the hounds of humor, so to speak.


Oh my God! That's the funniest thing I've read in *days*. You've made my Christmas!

*giggles* And here I forgot to attach a card!