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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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x-men can still amuse me
children of dune - leto 1
Sometimes, you wake up and think, this day is going to suck.


I was going through you library.

Do you have any stories that do not have "hanky Sex"?

I can't buy a characterization where Logan does that because we all know he's too stubborn for that.



And then, sometimes, you are *so* proved wrong.

Hanky Sex. Huh. That's--a new term.

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WTF is hanky sex??? Or do they mean they don't buy the Logan/Hank pairing?


*tongue in cheek*

If I read the email and the earlier LJ reply correctly, it's sex with lots of protective barriers, since Rogue has that deadly skin thing going on. Bodysuits were popular, as were sheets, scarves, and other misc. We had to get imaginative if we wanted them fucking.

Safe sex has a completely new meaning there.

*almost nostalgic*


Oh! *slaps hand to forehead* Duh. So they thought... what, Logan would eschew all... y'know, protection, and hope he didn't pass out until at least after she came? *ahem* *totally evil*


He could...hope....

*dying laughing*

*grins* I live to serve. Or something. I serve something.

Too stubborn for sex? Huhhhh...kay.

That *would* explain his aggression and temperament, though, wouldn't it?


...what precisely is hanky sex?

For Rogue, who has skin that sort of does this soul-sucking thing, protective barriers for no skin to skin contact during sex.

We got *really* energetic figuring out ways around that bit of frustration. *g*

Ah, yes. Now all is clear. I was always too busy making Gambit have sex with the boys to really focus much on Rogue. *grins*

*zones out*

Gambit and pretty boys....

*starts drooling*

You could make me the happiest woman alive if you wrote a Gambit/QaF crossover of at least...hmmm...three pages. In fact, if you did, I'd write anything you wanted (with that loose a specification) of the same length...

"Hanky sex?"

What the heck? Seriously, what in the world is she/he refering to?

Mind you, I've never read your Logan/Rogue stuff... a bit too much of a slasher, and an old school comic/cartoon Rogue/Gambit shipper, to get into the pairing. Possibly, that's why I don't get the reference... but still, hanky sex? I'm thinking of highly posh and uptight pair of prudes, the old-fashioned idea of the type of people who would carry hankerchiefs, trying to delicately, and tasteful, get it on. *g*


oh God, that was imagery I totally needed. *dies* That's just--HEEE!

Portective barriers during sex. Creativity with bodysuits to protect against Rogue's skin. It was *fun*. And also, odd, when one spends quality time trying to decide if liquid latex would do the trick....


oh God, that was imagery I totally needed. *dies* That's just--HEEE!

It was where my mind went automatically. Although, your explanation makes *far* more sense.

BTW, while I'm talking to you, did you get my email a few days ago? From "Annieleegrayston_at_hotmail.com? I didn't put my LJ name on it anywhere (realised afterwards), so it may have appeared a bit random to you... *g*)

Heh. I just skipped through my backlog of answering to answer now. *hugs* Though I swear, I would have gotten to it tonight....

*winces* okay, midnight.

You know, vacation should be fun. At least I'll catch up on my reading and email, so the Folder of Evil Storage doens't loook quite so--er, evil.

*hugs hard* The ficlet was adorable. *hugs more*

Yep, just got your reply. *hugs Jenn*

Well, I didn't sleep on the weekend half as much as I should have, so I managed to go through my email and clear some of it. Mind you, that email is mainly LJ replies (no mailing lists or anything), so how it managed to get all the way up to virtually-ful-and-flowing-over, is a mystery to us all. *g*

I really don't buy Logan/anyone, though there was a nice Logan/Nick Fury story I read once that was kind of okay. But Logan/Rogue, Logan/Cyclops, Logan/Blob (yes, this does exist somewhere. Ew.) . .. uh no. I'm still not quite over the Logan-Scott-Ororo I stumbled across some time ago.


Logan....and Blob.

That--I am *so glad* I never saw that.

Logan/Scott, though, does intrigue me. I have problems seeing it, so when someone does it well? Seriously gets my attention.

Which has happened a total of, oh, once or twice. Jane St. Clair and Victoria P, I think.

*thinks about re-reading*

Maybe they're a Southpark fan, getting scatalogical on you.

Mr. Hanky and all that.

Or maybe they've seen American Pie and didn't realize it was a tube sock?


Hmm. Write some hanky sex. Make it a red bandana, though.



Oh God, I'm going to have that image *in my head* forever.

*eyes glazing*

Red Hanky of Doom.

Of course, I'm imagining hanky sex as sex that starts off via the hanky code, or as sex involving lots of crying. The world clearly needs more of the former variety. *g*

Jenn, I found your journal through friends lists of friends. Can *I* read your hanky sex? Where do I find it?

I was like "hanky sex, wtf?" just before I read your explanation. And I used to read a lot of hanky sex fic. *shame*

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