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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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svfic: this, too (sv)
children of dune - leto 1
You have no idea how weird this is.

This, Too by rageprufrock and seperis

Love to everyone Pru mentioned: cjandre and lyra_sena and svmadelyn, because God knows, I was incapable of being any help at all in the entire editing process. rageprufrock deserves all of the credit. Really, I was just along for the ride.

*marvels* Pru, you are amazing. You rock. *hugs hard*

*edited at 12:40 AM for mistake in LJ name

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oh my god. i cant really give any meaningful feedback. but wow. the first part of that fic cracked me up - just trying to imagine lex high. and the rest was just...wow.

*giggles* Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

It's a good story, Jenn. Warped and twisted - but then I like 'em that way. *g*

You and Pru write amazingly hot sex together - guilt ridden, neurotic sex for the most part - but very very hot! LOL I enjoyed doing the beta a lot. It is fun to get behind the scenes on a Pru/Jenn work.

Like having a backstage pass!

Yeah, they dont' get a lot of mindless pleasure, do they? I blame Pru. Really. Really.



Woah. That is one long, hot hot hot smutfest...and damn good! What a great pre-Christmas present! You and Pru are a scary force for good.

I really enjoyed all the uses of weather/ambiant world as descriptions and parallels. I can't pick out just one phrase because they're sprinkled throughout, but the whole thing was fantastic. And Clark's voice in this is just perfect--a quick, quiet freak-the-fuck-out that is utterly true to life.

Thanks for making me want to stay an extra 45 minutes at work to read it. It is entirely worth it!

ETA: I forgot to mention how much I love your choice in Depeche Mode; the lyrics are perfect here. Perfect.

*glows* Thanks for all yoru lovely comments, chica. *hugs hard* I'm thrilled you read the story and enjoyed it!

jesus christ, that was so.very.hot! plus a rather intersting take on clark.

the best antidote to jetlag i can imagine.

*happy sigh*

*laughs* I'm glad you liked it!

You know. Always willing to help those in need.

Thanks for the comments!

Whoa! I am so glad it's winter, 'cause this story could burn down houses.

*grins* Always glad to be of service, of course. Thanks!

Pru and Jenn,

I’ve read it twice now. I wanted to leave feedback after the first time, but I was too dazed to come up with anything coherent.

This was every bit as emotional and hot and gorgeous as I’ve come to expect from the two of you. It may not have much plot, but it had about 1000 times more thought than the average Clex, or even good Clex. That, really, is what does it for me. The detailed examination of thoughts and feelings engages my emotions, makes the story so much more compelling, and makes the sex SO much hotter. You both do this consistently in all of your work, and it’s why you are my two favorite fic writers. I can’t say how happy I was to see you both return to SV, because I don’t read HP or watch QaF (although I would watch QaF if I got HBO).

I love Clark in this. Love the insecure teenager who examines ever single word and action of his partner for fear of rejection. Because, really, this is what teenagers do. (Actually, most of us never grow out of this, we just get better at hiding it). I love that he is too responsible to be able to have sex with Lex for the first time without being drunk, but then deliberately gets drunk because he can’t stand not to have Lex. OK, I just loved the whole thing.

And the writing. So many beautiful lines. So many that go straight for the gut. It makes me wish I had some talent at writing just so I could give better feedback.

Oh! Almost forgot to say that the cover is amazing.

Anyway, thanks for such a great Christmas present.

Happy Holidays.

Jenn, now that my lurking days are past, I need to say that, my absolute favorite SV fic is Somewhere I Have Never Traveled. I have reread it and its sequel about 8 times. That version of Clark and Lex, that world, is the one I want to happen. I stayed up till 5 am the night I found Gladly Beyond posted in your archive because I found it at 2 am and then couldn’t sleep until I read it.. I should say a lot more, but writing is kind of excruciating for me. Sorry.

I’ve just gotten an LJ account for the sole reason that I need to say thanks to the writers. I hope you don’t mind if I friend you.

I just reread this for the third time, and find I have a couple of things to say.

There needs to be a fanfic term for stories in which the plot and character development occurs though sex scenes. I mean, there are PWPs, which are simply sex for the sake of good sex, and there are stories with sex scenes which could be lifted entirely without making much of a difference to the plot, but then there are pieces like this (and like many of the things you do, Jenn, which is one of the big reasons I love your writing) in which much of the movement takes place in the brilliant and steamy sex scenes. For me, this is the essence of good slash. Thank you!

Now I'm going to be rude and ask for more. Having seen this all thought Clark's eyes and ears, hearing Lex and seeing his response, I would love to see the same thing through Lex's POV. It's already clear that there's a lot going on which Clark only begins to understand, and I for one would be overjoyed to be made privy to Lex's thoughts and feelings as he's subjected to cake, invokes Clark by getting high, fields phone calls from Helen and Martha, and finally commits to doing it right.

Please? Is there anything I can offer to persuade you? I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to see this...

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