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For something so theoretically fast, this sucker is *slow*. I can't figure out why. Ironically, my old one is suddenly acting like it wants to win the Indy500 these days, which is just *annoying*.

I've used Word 97 since--I don't even know when. *sighs* It's my favorite of the Words--easy to use, easy to customize, and HTMLizes without stress. This new Word? So not my friend. I spent half of last night resetting the defaults to something I could live with. Smart quotes, insta-borders, and that thing it does where it formats your text and changes the style and tries to see if you will feel at all tempted to throw your new computer through a window when you're trying to get the formatting right. Fixed most of that. I think. And what's with the weird bolding when I paste in stuff from other places? Grrr.

I'm soooo anal. I have no idea what it says about me that I cannot write unless the program is doing *exactly* what I want it to do. I started getting all freaked out when my text refused to align correctly and started putting in randomish looking extra space between paragraphs. I tried to ignore it, but my eyes kept skipping back up two paragraphs and trying to work out *what was wrong* instead of thinking, mmm, Crazy!Lex. That's just sad.

In more boring computer news, the new monitor is big and the resolution is another weirdness. I realized just a few minutes ago that I cannot write in Word yet (though I can edit, oddly enough), because my resolution makes everything look too small. Strangely, I didn't have this problem with Caro in AIM, but that's because I could set the window to just the right size, and oh my God, I've actually become completely insane.

This is how it starts, isn't it? One day, you're freaked out about Word and screens--the next, crayons in a rubber room telling people how you can see fictional characters around you as opposed to dead people. God, no *wonder* I'm reconnecting with Lex.

Though really, I can think of much worse fates than being locked in a rubber room with Brian and Lex, can't you? At very least, they can entertain me. And each other, for that matter.

And people act like it's a *bad* thing to have a dirty mind.

I haven't even gotten back a day yet to see what people are up to, and I'm behind on josselin's new fic because I was sulking about my weird email too much. Stupid real life. Also, stupid fear of shopping. If I just gave someone a list and some money, could they choose Christmas presents for my family? I'm psyching *myself* out at this point, just sure I'm going to give the Worst Gift Ever in History. I mean, it's not like I'm thinking elastic waist dayglo polyester pants are the way to go, but I have this horrible suspicion I'm going to snap and start buying everyone, I don't know, pet rocks or something.

But I love Christmas. I do. I'm taking the Bethy Christmas Bears to work with me, because I can.

This was pretty pointless. I'm trying to work up the courage to open Carofic and start getting to the meat of the matter, which, I just want to say up front, started on a completely different thought. I was going to metaphor chess, but amazingly, it went somewhere else. It's like I have two modes--angst or weird humor. Middle ground is eluding me. Smut with both is optional but encouraged.

Smut would be nice. Hmm.
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