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(no subject)
poor me
The Good: New computer! Here! And God, it's pretty.

It is *so* pretty.


The Bad: Completely unsurprisingly, I'm having problems transferring data. If you have Microsoft Outlook*, here is my question before I start just doing a text copy and paste to keep my email.

Move on if you're not interested, which would be, only, everyone. *grins*

For some reason, the program will not let me export, move, or delete some specific email messages. Why is this happening and how can I fix it? I can still read them, look at them, mock them. I cannot move them (though I can copy, but amusingly, the copies won't delete either), or export them into the new computer or delete. This is covering a random period of time per folder, up to now in some folders, and in others, no problem at all.

This is called a desperate cry for help. Ive been working on this since last night. *hopeful*


*corrected program name

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Well, that's definitely suspicious. Have you tried copying the .dbx files directly to the new computer and avoiding the export process in OE altogether?

(And if that didn't make sense, let me know, and I'll translate.)


Oops, post updated, so...

Same question, only about the PST file instead of the .dbx file?

Yes - she got the .pst over but she still needs to map to it and I can't remember the exact menu under Tools that does that. I haven't seen Outlook in six months, I use entourage on the Mac which is completely different.

Do you remember which menu it is?

I'm working on a Mac at the moment, but I can double-check at work tomorrow. In the meantime, this is from memory --

If you want to just open the old, copied-over PST and then copy the messages to keep into a newly-created PST on the new computer, go to the File menu and choose Open Personal Folders File (or Open Outlook Data File, if it's Outlook XP or maybe even Outlook 2000). Then, make sure the folder list is visible (View menu, Folder List), and you'll see a second Personal Folders file with a plus-sign next to it. Click on that to expand, and you can copy the data into the new file by click-and-drag.

If you want to use the old PST file on the new computer without copying the messages into a new file, then you'll need to set it up as a message delivery location. One way to do this is by creating a new profile -- close Outlook and right-click on the Outlook desktop icon, then choose properties, and there'll be a button for Profiles. Click that and create a new one. That'll take you through the steps from scratch, and you can select the PST in that process.

Another way (this is assuming it's Outlook XP) is to go to the Tools menu and choose the Email Accounts option. You can get into the storage file options from there and can choose to set the copied PST as the delivery location.

I'm Aspenx3 on AIM and I'll turn that on for a while now, or you can reply to this comment tomorrow during the workday (MST for me), and I'll be able to respond quickly.

Hope this helps!

you search for *.pst and it will tell you the directory that the pst file is in. also, search for and find the directory for .pab as that's your outlook address book.

did you slave the old hard drive in the new computer? if so, when you reinstall Outlook, you can point it to the file on the slave drive (probably D:\) and not worry about the read/write permissions on the file. If you've copied it over you'll need to right click on the file, go to properties and uncheck 'read-only'. That should give your new identity permission to use the file.

When you copy your documents folder over, you'll need to right click the folder and do the same for the whole folder. Is the new OS Windows XP?

K. you're not on AIM or I'd buzz you. If you want to call, or have me call you, just send a quick email to jaymalea@comcast.net and we'll do it, or have someone AIM me if you can't [jaymaleat]

re: individual emails that are being wonky. Try forwarding them to your email address, then receiving them on the new computer once you have Outlook in place.

Are you still having problems/questions on the .pst files? Were you able to import your .pst file, once you exported it, or are the wonky emails holding up the entire process?

Sorry, hon. I use Outlook all the time at work, but I have no idea what's going wrong or how to fix it.

who's that in your icon?

so pretty!

Seperis, for some reason I can´t acces to your page...

*sheepish smile* Help?.

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