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children of dune - leto 1
Updated recs page at http://seperis.illuminatedtext.com/recs.html. It's not all of them, but it's all I could find in fifteen minutes in my LJ, which is all I allowed myself.

And a few new ones I haven't recced before.



Remedial Potions by Lupercali. Wow. Proof that whining gets you what you want. Lupin and Snape and Sirius, and a love story inside a story that was almost love but couldn't be. Snape is beautifully drawn, and I love the outsider look at the Lupin/Sirius pairing. They're all still young and screwing up and still not quite the people they'll become, but they're so close you can see the echoes. Lupin is equally entrancing in his youth and innate calm that, God, he has to need with Sirius. It's gorgeous. Just absolutely spot-on gorgeous.


I actually cant' remember if I recced these, though I know I did the one for Julad. But you know, it's a great bit of fun. So. Doing it again.

Physics, Groceries, and the Homosexual Agenda by mintwitch. Oh, this is funny. They go shopping. They meet someone. And Brian is high. And Justin really *does* perform on demand. And did I mention how damn *sharp* the writing is? Because it is. </p>

Busy Week on the Fridge by Julad. Where fic is art and it's so good and so funny. Brian and Justin communicate in the language of shopping. Hehe.</p>

Once Upon a Time by juteux. Wow. Daphnefic. I love when authors remember Daphne's around, and this bittersweet look at a post-third season grocery shopping and an unexpected sight just hurt so much. Not only her bitterness for Justin, but for herself. Highly recommended.</p>

Productive. That's me. *happy*

Now have to go find the *rest* of them. I really, really need to be more organized.

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Ooh, the "Once Upon a Time" Daphne fic was great. Thanks for the rec. *g*

What, no Smallville recs?

[pout, whine] Last year at this time you were churning out 'Somewhere...'

[sigh, whimper]

being recced by you makes me hot.

i'm just saying.

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