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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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all about me, me, me
children of dune - leto 1
Like this is new and unusual.


Large, comfy, plaid ones! With a drawstring! In blue and white plaid! And a big, comfy shirt! That I'm wearing!

Vanity Fair. With Brian. And some other people. On my desk.

Adorable little refrigerator magnet. On the refrigerator. It goes to work with me tomorrow for the Cabinet of Doom.

Because jaymalea just *rocks* and sends me things that are *so* cool, and I love my jammies *so much*.

*twirles in circles* Pajamas! Gale Harold! Magnet! HAPPY!

*settles down*

I got all flustered today in extreme amounts by another thing.


I keep having to check and double check to see, yes, they *are* talking about that story.

People *read* it? Really?

Back about a year, that meme went around where authors posted a series of questions, like "which of my stories do you like best/like least" etc, if memory servies, Syzygy came up most often as a least, mostly for the fact that's being discussed in this thread--it's really, really opague?--interpretable. *g* Confusing, as the case might be. I've talked about it a few times, but honestly, I tend to like what people get out of it far more than anything I could say about what I meant.

It's a *really* cool discussion, and I don't just say that as the author who is seriously getting a kick out of watching her fic being talked about. I like fic discussion in general and encourage it highly.

I'm also a fan author who is just giggly that SOMEONE READ IT AND LIKED IT.

It's really Christmas, isn't it?


In more fun news, misskatherine sent me pretty, pretty Christmas icons, so really, I'm climbing toward that fifty at a nice clip here.


The QaF one I'm using as my default.

I should totally start considering the concept that Santas is *seriously* paying attention.

*sighs in bliss*

Like I said. All about me.

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Hee! Congrats on the Perfect PJs, Jenn.

Hmmm... Syzygy... it's not a fave, but it's not my least liked fic of yours either. (That place is reserved for HoD, otherwise known as The Fic That Ate My Brain* and Scarred Me For Life *g*)

It's nice, and interesting, and intriguing, but it's very... connect the dots, I guess. I mean, every reader connects the dots in different ways. I have this really definite vision of what's happening, as I did from the first moment I read it, but everyone has their own ideas of what the hell's going on.

I can't help thinking I need a Christmas icon.

* Sometimes, typos make me giggle. "The Fic That Ate My Brian" would be totally different, but I'd probably like it more. *giggles*

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