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isilya, girlinthetrilby and Dax all contributed toward me not going insane tonight. Dax, having Much Faster Internet Access, wrestled Dell to the ground and made it beg and beg and beg. Also, he ordered my computer for me.

It is shipping right now.

I am about to freaking *bounce*. Three to five days, free shipping, new MONITOR, clean hard drive, I am getting *dizzy* here.

*happy* This is *so* cool. Screw random jobs that I don't get. I have issaro, altricial the Wonderful Vidder, and Dax.

Also, this means that soon, I'll be able to run my MP3 player AND my AIM at the same time! An AIM that is upgraded and works.


Okay, see? Being bubbly is a *lot* less annoying than being depressed.

I love *everyone*.
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