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children of dune - leto 1
I'm shopping for computers, as my computer loan came through.

Okay, I'm totally squeeing. issaro and my wonderful, wonderful credit union totally made this week suck *so* much less than it could have.


But God, all the choices, even at the outlet level....


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I love my old Dell laptop. I have dropped it, gotten it wet etc and it keeps on ticking.

The apple laptops are also great.

Can say evil things about some other brands through.

Am tired. Read that three times as: issaro and my wonderful, wonderful credit union totally made this week suck. *so* much.

Totally different meaning. Behold the power of the punctuation.

Like Macs? I'm getting one next weekend (hopefully) along with one of those MiniDV cameras (the iMac I'm getting comes with a DVD burner :P). If you're curious/interested, the specs of what I'm getting are available here and the this page has pictures (Apple's site). :)

http://www.alienware.com makes the cooolest laptops. But they are pricey.

http://www.sagernotebooks.com is the real manufacturer. Not quite as pricey, but not quite as coool, either.

Still, if it were me? I'd go for anything Dell, followed by anything HP, followed by anything BUT compaq's Armada line.


is all part of the secret plan to get epic jenn. muahahahahaha!

or not. honestly, it has been a sucky month for me, too and you have no *idea* the number of times i've had to revert to reading things in my comfort fic folder (in which, go figure, there is quite a lot of things by this jenn person). and photoshop? best procrastination tool *ever*. so see? you totally deserve to be spoiled

yay for your week getting better!

And going computer shopping is so wonderful - there is this whole sense of POTENTIAL, and you can ignore the fact that you will be up to date for all of maybe 24 hours once you have actually bought the one you want. *g*

I really like my Mac, and I have a lot of confidence in IBM laptops. If you are going for a desktop, then I like Dells.

Have fun ,baby!

Your week is going to get even better. Start watching your mailbox on Monday, chica.

I may be saying this to you after you've made a purchase, but one thing I've learned is to go for a computer put out by a large company so that you don't find that it's gone under two years later when you need a replacement or upgrade for something! (Me, I'm getting Dell the next time I buy a computer -- probably a laptop.)

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