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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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(no subject)
children of dune - leto 1
issaro is totally spoiling me.

*bouncy* Isn't that just *cool*?

*bouncing more* I love pictures. They just get the imagination going big time.


josselin and soundczech are authors of the month at Revival board. Go annoy them with questions. I think I shall ask what they eat for dinner every night. Because I can. *g*

They also have a webpage up called Blatant Narcissism. I love that name, don't you?

White Collar - WiP by soundczech - Brian and Stockwell. It's just one of those times you *have* to.

That's it. Good fic to read. Get to it. I'm going to go entertain myself imagining the flame war that almost happpened but didn't. *g*

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I'm horrible about remebering filenames.


*still glowing over issaro*

Oh my god...I'm so jealous! That is a totally great cover!!!

*sneaks in past jenn*

thank you!

That is a *fabulous* cover.

*boldly spamming jenn's journal*

how sweet! thank you.

Oh, WOW!!! That pic rocks! So seriously cool, Jenn.

*hijacking jenn's lj*

thank you!

That is AMAZING.


That is amazing...and that story is one of my very favorites.

*happy sigh*

*sneaking into jenn's journal again*

thank you for the lovely compliment on the cover.


thanks for the wonderful compliment

*bouncing more* I love pictures. They just get the imagination going big time.

Hmm. You know... it's funny you should mention that...


Oh man, this is brilliant. Although now I really wish that there was a comic version of Sleep While I Drive.

Hmm, maybe now I'll go and reread that story. And *coughs* maybe send feedback, because not being in the fandom at the time it was written is no excuse. *g*


a mini-comic was the orginal idea but sadly there aren't enough SV comics out yet to do it. Maybe one day. Thanks for the lovely compliment.

That is just and amazing cover. Very cool!

*commandeering jenn's journal*

thank you *g*


What a great cover! That is so cool! I like the way Lex is drawn in that last panel.

i can't take credit for the art, but thank you for the compliment.

Go ask me what I eat for dinner. I have a whole response crafted now.

hee. you're welcome. i'm thrilled that you like it!

oh lord! that's amazing!!

Oh, bugger me that's fantastic!

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