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I could just choke altricial. Or hug her. Either/or. I have that stupid song MEMORIZED. I'm sitting there, innocently at work, MP3 player on, doing this entire visualization thing, because dammit, that song just *works*.

*pouts* I want the CD. It's going on my List of Things I Shall Buy When They Officially Announce I Don't Have the Job.

In other news--there is none. No, this is sad, but there isn't. issaro decided that I needed to be challenged. *looks* If I pull this off, man, you owe me cookies. I'm serious. Chocolate chip. The tips of my fingers ached just *thinking* about the amount of typing I'll have to do.


Because, sometimes, this isn't all about me. It's also about What I Love to Read.

Shayllla fic, lovely, yadda yadda yadda, you know the drill. Because it's *her*.

Oh, did you people know she's multifandom? Check her out.

Shadows 3, actually, almost the best of the three. The tone is consistent throughout, and this Justin--God, I love this Justin. Second person pov. If you have issues with second person, seriously, get over them. This story is worth it.

Also, apparently, misskatherine hid an icon somewhere in my LJ. Must go find. Like an egg hunt, but with icons and not at Easter.

Yeah, I'm so unfunny, but I have a headache that aspirin, ibuprofen, and Law and Order haven't fixed yet. Grrr. I need someone to gripe at. Any takers?

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