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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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need more entertainment.....
Play wiht me on AIM? Please?


I am *such* a kid these last few days. Consider this making up for all the time I spent sulking this week. Stupid job. There are DVDs in future!

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Hey, are you still around?

Hmmmm... I might see if I can work this aim thingy out...

I'll just leave this here for safekeeping :) Part 1

Letters Three: It probably helps you didn't run screaming from my contribution to your grocery!fic.
JenntheMerry: *laughs* It was good!
JenntheMerry: REALLY good.
JenntheMerry: You should write the rest.
Letters Three: I haven't watched a single episode of QAF! I dunno what to put in next ^_^;
Letters Three: Darned broken down relic of a TV *eyes living room dinosaur meaningfully*
JenntheMerry: *frowns at TV* Be nice.
JenntheMerry: You coudl totally finish it!
Letters Three: It's been broken since Move-In Day actually.
Letters Three: Eeep!
Letters Three: I'm too damned easy. Seriously, I would if I could, but I get stuck. Like, who the heck is Mystery!Oh!Shit!Person?
JenntheMerry: *laughs* Ethan maybe?
Letters Three: "Justin?"
Letters Three: Please God, let that not be who he thinks it is. Because if it is? Justin doesn't care - the next clear glass window he finds is the one he hurls himself through. Never mind that supermarkets are ground/basement level.
JenntheMerry: *laughs hysterically*
Letters Three: Brian, detecting blood to be had, is suddenly way too up close and personal. Justin would normally be extremely flattered, a little smug and a lot horny - which he is in a happy little corner of his brain contemplating acts of public indecency - but as is, the hairs on his neck are standing up and he feels like a very small, very vulnerable snack between a shark and the red-eyed hound from Hell. Okay, not so much a hound as a... really tenacious terrier maybe.
Letters Three: Hmm. Does that work? :-)
JenntheMerry: God yes.
Letters Three: Blessedly, Brian is taking his sweet, sweet time to shuffle through his arsenal of cutting remarks. Think! Justin feels the situation edging from awkward and uncomfortable to volatile and potentially explosive.
Letters Three: "Ethan! What are you doing here?" Justin cringes and hopes that Brian and Ethan are too busy glaring death at each other to actually register what he's saying.
Letters Three: No such luck. They're both staring at him as if he was the loony. Justin is immediately irritable, not that he expected gratitude from his former lover for averting a messy death or a night in jail. Probably the former, since Ethan defines barking without bite.
Letters Three: "I'm getting food," Ethan says slowly, for the benefit of the temporarily strange and insane.
Letters Three: Justin feels like smacking him. Brian eyes his basket and mutters, "'Food' is debatable."
Letters Three: Justin has to agree. There is the ever-present bar of chocolate (sugar, second only to caffeine as a requirement for functioning on 48-hour days), assorted instant meals and, inexplicably, a carton of eggs.
JenntheMerry: *laughs*
Letters Three: I thought you'd run away :-)
JenntheMerry: Oh no.
JenntheMerry: I'm absorbing this. It's so cute!
Letters Three: And me just winging along, hoping to hell I don't hit a mountain...
JenntheMerry: Oh you're doing fine. Trust me.
Letters Three: "Ammunition for the masses?" Brian nods at the eggs and gives Ethan his best shit-eating smile. "I see you're branching out into street entertainment."
Letters Three: "Brian!" Justin hisses.
JenntheMerry: That so rocks.
Letters Three: Thanks :-) I think someone accidentally gave me their magical top hat, of which I overturned and am pouring fic out from.
JenntheMerry: *snickers* No, it's totally all you.
JenntheMerry: Doing brilliantly, I might add.
Letters Three: Aww *blushes*
Letters Three: Ethan gives Brian a look, plainly amazed that such a bastard could walk the Earth unscathed by lightning bolts from Heaven. Brian looks bored; he's weathered far worse than one disapproving violin player. Justin's attention is gradually being reclaimed by the cacaphony of his insides demanding to be fed. Now, now, now.
JenntheMerry: *laughs hysericallY* Poor Justin. His stomach's just taking over, isn't it?
Letters Three: With a vengeance :D
Letters Three: "Brian," Justin says with extraordinary calm, "if we could just go get the food and go back to the loft, I promise you I'll make it worth your while."
Letters Three: Justin has absolutely no idea how he's going to live up to the promise of course, although his subconscious leaps up and shouts, "SEX!"
JenntheMerry: *hee* Go Justin!

I'll just leave this here for safekeeping :) Part 2

Letters Three: Brian's interest lights on him, judging the seriousness of the offer and Justin's pants are suddenly tight. He fights the urge to adjust himself and clears his throat. Brian snickers. Behind him, Justin can feel indignation rising off Ethan like steam. Musicians never like being ignored, this one in particular. But between chasing after Brian, Brian's ego and Brian's inner bitch, Justin has his hands full.
Letters Three: Justin is so terribly overworked :D
JenntheMerry: Poor baby]
Letters Three: "Sorry, Ethan, food emergency," he inserts before Ethan can say anything. "Come on, Brian."
Letters Three: Happily, Brian is more malleable than usual when amused and secure in his superiority at Justin's antics. He allows Justin to steer them away while Ethan completes his transformation from terrier to fire-breathing dragon. Fortunately, Justin's learned how to tune him out.
JenntheMerry: Hee!
Letters Three: Justin is so focused on the 'away' part of going away that eventually he runs into Brian's unmoving back.
Letters Three: "Discovered a mysterious new process for making shopping trolleys edible, Sunshine?" Brian asks.
Letters Three: The cart is still pitifully empty. Justin has a sudden urge to bang his head against something. He compromises by leaning hard into Brian with his forehead. The shithead, of course, moves away so he has to recover his balance with a little trip and shuffle.
Letters Three: "Fucker." Justin glares.
JenntheMerry: *laughs*
JenntheMerry: GE thte food, Justin ou can do it.
Letters Three: Brian smiles beautifically. "Fuckee."
JenntheMerry: You totally can.
Letters Three: Go, Justin! :-)
Letters Three: There's something irritatingly bright and virulently green at the edges of Justin's vision. He turns to look and is momentarily paralysed at the sheer horror of the display rack before him. Alerted by his expression, Brian turns as well and is similarly transfixed.
Letters Three: "That," Justin says, "is a crime against all that is good and holy about sex."
Letters Three: Justin surveys the rows of condoms in horrific neon colours, some with nauseatingly cute cartoons on them. An overly clever young vandal has suited up the smaller boxes of goods as well as a displaced broomstick pushed halfway under the rack.
JenntheMerry: *giggles*
Letters Three: Justin shakes himself out of his morbid fascination though Brian is still probably trying to imagine the variety of idiots that could possibly see fit to use such monstrosities. For no good reason he can find, Justin watches Brian staring at the display for a while and eases back quietly, then runs off. Hey, he loves the guy forever and beyond and all that but in the beginning, there was Food. And Justin is reasonably sure that if he gets clear of Brian's reality warping field, he might actually stave off starvation in time.
Letters Three: *points* That ought to join the last bitty bit I wrote in your LJ :-)
Letters Three: ... And I can't believe I wrote all that.
Letters Three: Oh dear, I HAVE scared you away now, haven't I?
JenntheMerry: No no no.
JenntheMerry: I love this so MUCH.
Letters Three: Oh, good ^^; I was afraid I was a bad playmate.
JenntheMerry: No oh NO, Best Playmate Ever!
JenntheMerry: *hee*
JenntheMerry: <--rereading it again now

*belatedly plays with Jenn*

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