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cookies like locusts in the kitchen...

I'm actually serious. The Sand Tarts seem to be breeding.

But. Christmas cookies! Yes! It required nothing short of the highest level of concentration, a steady hand, a keen eye for the differences between teaspoon and tablespoon, and I'm three quarters done.

Sand Tarts--done. All fifty-something of them.

Peanut Butter Blossoms--done. All seventy-something of them.

Seven Layer Cookies--mostly done. Switched to six layer cookies due to an Unfortunate Pecan Situation. In a pan, cooling. Not sure if they worked. If all else fails, will eat happily with spoon directly from pan.

To Go:

Mint Chocolate Layer Cookies--require whipping cream, which got missed on the list.

Forgotten Cookies--require twelve hours in a slowly cooling oven. The cookies, not me. Will do tomorrow.

Might Add, Since There Are Still Excessive Ingredients:

Gingerbread Men
Croesus Squares
Chewy Bars


I am so going to bore you to tears.

I did not sleep last night. At all. AIM died a sad death and left me bored out of my mind and STILL AWAKE come dawn. So. You're talking to a jenn who has had four hours of sleep in the last twenty-nine. Not bad, really. From one to seven-thirty, cookies were made. Lots and lots of cookies.

Dear God, the cookies....

Anyway. There we go. Christmas cookies are on their way to being done. My back hurts, I burned my hand TWICE ON THE SAME DAMN PAN, the blender is slowly burning out and I still have egg whites to make solid, peanut butter got in some Uncomfortable Places (no, not Indecent Places!), sugar is like snow on the ground, and the less said about the state of the flour the better.

And the dishes? Pah. I'm ignoring the ones taht weren't washed as of two hours ago.

Confirmed presence at three family Christmas functions. I'm still working out ways to get out of it. I LIKE my family, don't get me wrong. I just like them better via email or the phone. So far, the list includes taken as hostage by militant cooks, electrocution by Christmas lights, or the flu.

Hmm. I must ponder.

My LJ friends list looks daunting. Lice is going around Child's school. Oh joy. Some clever parent sent out oatmeal in tiny bags with a cute little writing about it being reindeer food. Apparently, this is something people do over the holidays when they have far too much free time. I am sending a bribe--er, gift--of cookies to Child's teacher. I feel accomplished.

*sigh* God, my legs hurt. And my hands. And my ears. And my tongue. Basically, I'm a big, whiney cookie-casualty. I'm also babysitting The Niece tonight, and she is, thank God and reindeer, asleep. Pray she stay that way.

In fannish news...

Er, I have none. I mean, I could talk about the fact that I have officially been unable to call up a single useful Clark Issue, and Livia et al crowed about this excessively the other night, but I won't. Because I resent it muchly. *sticks out tongue*

Mean, mean, told-you-so'ing persons.

Wow, I could be delusional by this point. It's perfectly possible.

Hmm. Just for kicks and the cooks among us, anyone out there have any really good cookies recipes involving chocolate? Yes, yes, I know, but I really don't like my current Failsafe Brownie Recipe. It's not chewy. I mean, not taffy-chewy but well, less cake-like. I used to have a SuperDense SuperChewy brownie recipe, but it's disappeared.

Think--an entire bar of Baker's unsweetened chocolate squashed into a single pan of brownies with minimal flour and no baking powder. Entire Louisiana districts of sugar. These brownies were UberBrownies. And if you ate more than a two inch by two inch square, you might very well die from chocolate shock.

*shakes head* I need to find that recipe.

And dear God, have I rambled. *sighs*

*edited at 945 for two seriously strange typos.
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