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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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(no subject)
I'm a bad Austrian recently. But I'm a good journaler. So.

Three Recs from QaF

Motives by juteux. Mmm. Smutty hotness. Toppy Justin. Happy jenn. Oh, that last part is just reccing interjection. Story made jenn *happy*.

Shadows by gradiva. Second person pov, lyrical, oddly bittersweet. This Brian works for me. There are some beautiful lines throughout, but they need context to sink in. Justin's tired. Brian reacts. And sex is how they talk, and Brian's learning how to say more than he thought possible. It's beautiful. And also, in second person pov. Did I point out how much I *love* that?

josselin is writing SquickFic. Which is--I don't want to spoil it for you, but it's just--heh. Interesting. Honestly, I'd love to link you to all the bits, but there are forty-EIGHT.

So we'll do this.

Parts 1-14

Part 15-31

Part 15-31 post two (dont ask, I have no idea why)

Part 15-31 post three (no, really, don'y ask).

The rest is in her LJ, main page. Just go on up.

Three Recs from Smallville

Parhelion by jackbuggery I wont' spoil, because in this case? Surprises are *good*. Just read. Now.

Shattered by dolimir Without fail, this author blows my mind.

He thinks one of the things he'll miss most is the way the sky turns the most beautiful shade of amber just minutes before sunset, making the fields of swaying corn look like waves in search of a beach; although he's never been able to convince himself that the joyfully gliding swallows are seagulls.

It's short, it's as painful as a stiletto though the heart, and I haven't hurt like this for Lex in so long. Jesus. I felt like crying from the first word to the last. And if you haven't read it? WHY?

Home to Roost by harriet_spy Martha and Jonathan taught him so well, but Martha didn't think they taught him this. It cuts. And you know? It's true.

Right. I need to do something productive. Maybe.

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Starla and I have a website coming out on Monday (right, Starla?) and then you'll be able to give one link to ALL the squicky. The website will have all of our fic archived.

(Deleted comment)
*grins sunnily* Does this encourage more ficcing? Because I am all about the 'please write more' thing.

It's beautiful. And also, in second person pov. Did I point out how much I *love* that?

I first learned how to use the 2nd person POV from a girl I shall call K in my Kafkaesqueness, because I don't know if she'll allow me to use her name. She read this essay aloud that was so up-close and personal and so intimate, and yet the 2nd person helped make it not-private. She's also Ukrainian so her metaphors and her lyricism were out of this world.

Needless to say, when she finished, I piped up, "Can I have sex with you? I mean, really?" She's the one who's taught me to write about sex, about intimacy, and ... okay, irrelevant here, but yeah, the 2nd person POV is, in my mind, the most erotic thing in the world.

Thanks so much for the rec!!

*grins* Now *that* is an anecdote worth sharing. I wonder if anyone would do a meme on their first or most important fangirling experience--either in fandom or outside it. *g*

And of course. That was why second person pov was created, for a fic like yours. Amazingly intimate and such a damn good Brian.

Thank you for the rec, hon. You've left me speechless.


And one day, I'll actually remmber to start sending non-LJ feedback.

One day. *shakes fist at sky*

But it was beautiful. For something that short, it packed such an amazing punch it was unreal. Thank you *so* much for posting it.

*gibbers incoherantly*

Read Squicky, ....am dying.


I have never even SEEN Queer as Folk...but, damn. Hotdamn and wow, I must see it now. You are the Rec goddess.

Squicky is *addictive*. I keep watching the unfolding events with a sense of shock.

*nudge* And Joss is that good *all the time*. Yes. She *really* is.

Productive? What are you talking about? *This* is productive. Very, very productive.

::smiles happily::

I'm getting waaay too journaly. *g* I'm never this obsessively posting.

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