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random - working alexa commands for firetv, sonos, and nvidia shield

Partially to share in case anyone else uses Alexa to control their TV, but also in case I lose (again) my list of working commands that I've tested. This is not exhaustive but the ones I know work. Organized by type and configuration, because each has quirks; will update as new things found.

Sonos Speakers --> TV

1.) TV with HDMI-ARC
2.) Sonos Speakers connect to TV with HDMI-ARC

To turn on TV
- Alexa, turn on TV

To adjust volume on TV:
- Alexa, turn up volume on [Sonos]
- Alexa, turn down volume on [Sonos]

To switch Sonos Speakers from playing music to control TV
- Alexa, switch [Sonos} to TV

Alexa Enabled Speaker --> FireTV Stick/Cube -->TV

1.) TV
2.) FireTV Cube
2b.) FireTV Stick
3.) Alexa Enabled Speaker (examples: Echo Dot, Echo Speaker, Sonos Speakers)

To open Prime Video, Netflix or other installed App
- Alexa, open Prime Video
- Alexa, open Netflix
- Alexa, open [App]

To watch movie/show on Prime Video
- Alexa, watch [Show Name]
- Alexa, play [Show Name]
- Alexa, play comedy

To open Netflix app and watch movie/show on Netflix
- Alexa, play [Show Name] on Netflix
- Alexa, play comedy on Netflix

Search for movies and TV on FireTV app (Netflix, Prime, etc)
- Alexa, search for [movie/tv show] on [app]
- Alexa, find [title/genre] on [app]
- Alexa, show me [movies/TV shows] on [app]
- Alexa, find [actor] movies on [app]

Control playback
- Alexa, rewind [time frame]
- Alexa, fast forward [time frame]
- Alexa, watch from beginning
- Alexa, go back [time frame]
- Alexa, jump forward [time frame]
- Alexa, next/next episode

Basic Commands
- Alexa, play
- Alexa, pause
- Alexa, stop
- Alexa, resume
- Alexa, go home

Alexa Enabled Speaker --> NVIDIA SHIELD TV -->TV

1.) Alexa enabled speaker
3.) TV

Turn on TV:
- Alexa, turn on TV*
- Alexa, turn off TV

* Note: turning the TV back on can be sketchy. Don't depend on it.

- Alexa, turn on SHIELD.
- Alexa, turn off SHIELD.

Opening Entertainment apps:
- Alexa, open Prime Video on SHIELD.
- Alexa, open Netflix on SHIELD.
- Alexa, open Plex on SHIELD.
- Alexa, open [app] on SHIELD*

* this really depends on the app in question.

Using Media Controls*:
- Alexa, pause on SHIELD.
- Alexa, play on SHIELD.
- Alexa, next on SHIELD.
- Alexa, previous on SHIELD.
- Alexa, fast-forward ten minutes on SHIELD.

* you don't necessarily always have to say 'on SHIELD'. Pause usually works, the others can be variable by app, time of day, and your astrological sign, fuck if I know.

Navigating SHIELD:
- Alexa, go to settings on SHIELD.
- Alexa, go home on SHIELD.
- Alexa, go to control settings on SHIELD.

Find Your SHIELD Remote:
- Alexa, Ask SHIELD to find my remote*

* THE REMOTE STARTS BEEPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Truly we live in the future. Posted at Dreamwidth: | You can reply here or there. | comment count unavailable comments
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