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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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insta!rec - Ethan Is One Ghetto Muthafucka by cree
children of dune - leto 1
This is one of those rare times that I say, one, drink warning, two, just trust me, okay? Just look at that title and click the link.

No, *really*.

Ethan Is One Ghetto Muthafucka by Cree

I have *no* words*

*still in hysterical laughter*

I mean it. Read it *right now*.

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Oh my. LOL, you found one of Cree's story. That's like, from two years ago. However did you managed?

Trampling through the ATP looking for something good I hadn't read yet. *g* It just--yeah. I haven't laughed that hard in *forever*. Surreal.

*snickers* Yes. Exactly.

Oy vey. The thing that gets me is that I didn't understand a word Ethan (excuse me... E-Dawg ) was saying until Justin translated. I believe I must guffaw...

Good to see Cree gettin' her props. I sent her the link to this thread, and she said: "So weird that people are just now finding it and the humor still applies. Actually, now that I think of it... ghettofication is pretty transcendent"

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