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when spam goes feral

Just received in spam:

i know [removed password]* is one of your password.
I've recorded your cam while you were watching porn on XX sites, also I've installed a keylogger on ur pc & collected all your contacts on social networks, messenger & emails.
If you want me to erase the recording, pay me 1128$ on bitcoin address: [removed bitcoin address]
(search in Google for "how to buy bitcoin"), [case SenSitiVe so copy & paste it].
If I don't get the bitcoins, I will definately send your video to all of your contacts, don't reply to this email it's hacked. [random letters]

Dear Spammer,
I have indeed been mourning how far spam has fallen from the halcyon days of so many breast and penis implants and naked pictures of C list actors, so gotta thank you there.


1.) That isn't my current password and hasn't been for a while; note the lack of special characters or not being a phrase. And also because I know the accounts I used it on were ones that showed up on dump lists after more than one major server hack. I'm thinking it was Home Depot.

2.) My dude(tte), a.) I don't watch porn (I read it) and b.) my contacts are either fangirls or my family. Which means even if I did, they either recced it to me (fangirls) or a.) will be relieved to discover I do at least one normal thing on the internet (mom), b.) go check it out to see if they like it (my BIL, sisters), or c.) delete it without looking because who the fuck wants to see their mother's porn (son).

3.) Bitcoin? Really?


For anyone else who might get one of these, see this entry in reddit about these emails. It's pretty much guaranteed the password association is from one of those worryingly frequent database breaches that happen to companies with poor understanding of network security.

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