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you *did* volunteer
children of dune - leto 1

Okay, if you are still interested, here is what I need tested. All graphics are by misskatherine who rocks. I'm trying out my understanding of div ids for the index2 page, so multiple resolutions and mulitple browser opinions are solicited. This was done in IE 6, eight by six, true color. I need to see if it works across the board or comes out really funky.

What I'm trying to figure out is how to do the magical span commands that worked kick ass in text and not so much in an imagemap. To see an example of this, go here.


You should have text appear at the bottom whenever you run over a link using span and css commands. So far, I've been unsuccessful in making this work in the imagemap, so am looking at javascript for now.

*smiles sunnily* Have at it. If it doesn't work, on either score, tell me what it does look like, browser, and resolution. Links won't work at portico--it was my experiment.

And thank you in advance for taking the time to help! I appreciate it! *hugs to fandom*

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(Deleted comment)
Perfect. *Hugs* So far so good, no one is seeing anything screwy. I really don't trust myself without lots of backup when playing with new things.

Thank you so much for responding!

Yay for Jenn posting! Saves me from the incredible boredom of waiting for 5.30pm to come... Man, it always drags when you know that you're not actually accomplishing anything.

Well, it seems to work for me (the text appearing at the bottom). Could just be my work computer/monotor (which is incredibly screwy when it comes to pitures), but the text looks a bit... plain?

(Well, I'm tempted to say ugly, but that's *so* just my personal opinions/font preferences/etc, so don't take that into consideration. My whims can change easily.)

I like the strike-thru effect after you've visited a site, though. Very cool.

The other (main) site seems fine, but a bit... bare.

Well, it seems to work for me (the text appearing at the bottom). Could just be my work computer/monotor (which is incredibly screwy when it comes to pitures), but the text looks a bit... plain?


No, it's supposed to be when I was trying to work in pixels for absolutes, not in percentages. I changed to percentages when I couldn't quit be sure it would work across browsers if I designated absolute in pixels. Courier is very exact, so I was using it as the benchmark. Yep, ugly as hell. *shivers* Very, very ugly.

I like the strike-thru effect after you've visited a site, though. Very cool.

*nodnodnod* Me too.

The other (main) site seems fine, but a bit... bare.

Yeah. I left off stuff until we could either get an introduction to the domain or until I can make that text trick work with the imagemap.

Warning sign number 10000 that you are WAY too far into fandom: You obsess over new HTML/CSS commands and scripts in your free time.

*huggles hard* Thanks!

IE 6 on WinXP- Works fine. "No fan is an island." shows up as 11pt Times New Roman, though, fyi.

Hmm. I wonder if I forgot to close the div. *going to check now* Thanks!

And before I forget completely, thanks for teh comments on Crack!Daphne fic. *hugs* I'm glad it isn't just sending people running for the hills.

I see the same font as mintwitch--I have the same browser too. I can see the text at the bottom of the portico page though. Have fun with it!

Whee! Fixed the first problem. And thanks for the word on teh second thing! I love that *so* much. *sighs happily* so very much.

*hugs* Double thanks for responding, sweets. I appreciate it.

The link to 'sparkage' is broken, too.

Is this okay, surfing and commenting when I find something, on your LJ? You posted the request here, so I assume you are okay with an open beta-run, but tell me if I'm being obnoxious, please.

K. Thanks. ::back to surfing::

Oh no, feel *free* to do so. I hate when there are these silly little mistakes that I find out only, like, months later. Just critique away.

And link fixed. *hugs* You are a marvel.

Works fine on XP IE6, but on Mozilla 0.6.1, the text at the bottom is very, very tiny, like, super tiny.

Also, that is a very neat effect; could I ask where you got it from? I would so love a tutorial on creating that effect using CSS.

Hmm. Damn, I'll work on teh text thing. I want it readable.

*makes note*

It's *so* cool. The entire site is cool.


Check it. They have caps of screens so you can see what it's supposed to look like, too.

I still can't access anything at illuminatedtext! Waaaah! (That is the childish sound of me whining and stamping feet while everyone else is having fun.)

The first time tonight I hit the main page, and it came right up. I was delighted (and it's quite pretty, by the way). Then I clicked on some sub-pages, and nada. It loads, loads, loads, loads... eons pass... take a shower, come back... still "loading"... Now I can't even get the main page any more. What internet gods have I offended?

Okay, try this.

Dump your cache and restart clean, then try to get in. My computer does this sometimes with sites, where it'll keep loading the old version or not anything at all on some sites if it errors out the first time.

God, I hope this works. I'm goingn to update your graphics soon and I wnat them to be pretty!

*pouts* Stupid internet.

I'm using Safari 1.0 on a Mac with 10.2.8 and its all seems to be fine, when rolling over the text it shows fairly small but not unreadable light text at the bottom, the portico page fits with no scroll bars. I also tried in Mozilla 1.5 and its almost the same but it has a permanent scroll bar at the bottom and the text appearing at the bottom is boldish in appearance. Hope that's helpful.

*blinks* A scroll bar at the bottom? What's your screen res? I may need to down the percentages a little.

*makes notes* thanks! Okay, boldish. THAT is different. I wonder if I missed a command somewhere...

*ponders code*

I'm using Mozilla at 768x1024, and illindex2.html mostly looks good except there's a thin grey bar a tenth from the bottom of my screen and the longer mouseover text (ie, andy's page) writes across it. Also a couple of broken links, but I think other people caught them. Even though I'm outvoted, I like the clean look of that text style.

Damn, I was worried about thta grey line. I was using it to separate the links from the text, but in some res', it keeps sitting *on* the text. Must *fix* that.

*looks at grey line darkly*

*hugs* Thanks for the comments!

opera 7.21 on win98se doesn't seem so happy with the page. the mouseover works but the text doesn't show up at one place at the bottom. i took some screencaps so you can see what it's doing. basically the text for the left hand column shows up to the right and down a bit. the right hand column has the text appear a bit to the left and down, though the second line is much farther down than the first.


i know it's not a particularly popular browser but most sites do work on it. you might check out their web design forum if you want to troubleshoot the problem.

And I'll ditto that for Opera 7.11 on WinXP.

Somewhat random comment:

You should probably specify your page background colour as white -- which, admittedly, is the default browser colour for most people, so it's not really that much of a problem, but for some people it can look kinda odd.

Re: Somewhat random comment:

Oh God. I *did* designate. I wonder if I left out a part of the code, though.

Hmm. *saves cap* That's *got* to be fixed. That just looks--well, bizarre.

Thank you!

I got in, I got in! Just now! All the way, I could reach every page!

Of course, like all experiments, this one must be replicable before we can feel secure.

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