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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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grr and gar and dammit
I missed SV and Angel. My time-sense is screwed. In theory, I knew it was Wednesday, but I kept thinking it was Tuesday, and I. Am. So. Pissed.

Of course, this *would* be the Seminal Damned Episode of the Fandom. Of COURSE I missed it.

In other news, thanks to a visit today, I will apparently be either sleeping or clinically insane tonight. I'm good with either one.

You know, every time I take a script, it scares me. I have no idea why, but for some reason, I'm just absolutely convinced I'll be part of that miniscule population that gets the horrendous, world-ending side effects.

On the other hand, all is well in fandom. Everyone is reacting as one might expect and Pru is making rumbling noises of doom. This is comforting.


Cracky Daphne!Fic is titled, Stumble and Fall. Okay, right, sucky title, but right now, I'm just not functioning at peak effiency. Gar. Stupid body.

The Meme of Doom

I'm kind of with destina on the entire weirdness of community supported, open bitching, becuase while it's cool, it's just disconcerting. Isn't this the stuff we repress on a daily basis?

*grins* And isn't it just a totally new and kind of weird feeling to see things you do making *multiple* lists?

But. I am a lemming, I'm just beyond the edge of giving a damn, and quite frankly, I'm kind of bored again.

I like fans. I am one. So I say this with love and respect. We are the most intolerant people in the world. We are not a group to go c'est la vie when someone disagrees or does something/writes something we don't agree with. We declare fandom war at the drop of a syllable.

I'm often tempted to ask if forcible tranquilizing is really that bad of an idea, when all's said and done.

So. In that spirit, my ten. Some contradictory, some not.

1.) Get over the bitching about people's quirks. You're not being held down and forced to use their icons, listen to them prattle, or join their strange cliques. It's their quirk. If you can't stand quirks, I'm way more worried about your sanity than their fetishization of an actor's clothing choices.

2.) Fic is fantasy. It will never, ever approach the complexity of reality, and frankly, writers are not here to do your PSAs for you on the dangers of drugs and unprotected sex, the trauma of rape or incest, or the realism of homosexual acts. That's what nonfiction and direct observation are for. You don't like how the fan is doing it/don't think the fan is approaching it with the gravity it deserves? Use the back button. Have at it.

3.) Every time someone does something inadvertently stupid in fandom? We really don't have to all get together and decry it for several journal entries over a few days time. No, really. There are other subjects. Try to find one.

4.) Call it what you will--going into a community devoted to one thing to try and preach the anti-thing? Whatever it may be? Trolling. Yes, that includes even the communities filled with dumbasses.

5.) In that vein -- passive aggressive trolling is still trolling. Going into other people's/fandom's LJ/MB to make sugary-sweet loaded comments, knowing that it'll piss the person off and doing it for that reason, just so you can play victim/show it off/post a link and mock for your buddies/friendslist/part of fandom? Trolling. You are a troll. Deal. Intention is everything.

6.) Popularity isn't random or magically bestowed by the powers that be. If a writer is more popular than you are? There's a chance they're writing something that works for more people, and just because you don't agree? Does not autmoatically make them idiots.

7.) Niceness is overrated. So are group hugs.

8.) Being offended is a choice, and so is responding to it. There really aren't a lot of innocent bystanders in fandom. Don't play one.

9.) Making Absolute Pronoucements from On High regarding Your Fandom of Choice/Fannish Behavior/Whatever is annoying, counterproductive, and pretty much guarantees a lot of knee jerk disagreement even from people who agree. It's also funny as hell.

10.) Mocking things is fun, natural, and actually lowers blood pressure. No, really.

rageprufrock is warming my heart with her temper regarding the ep. Love her dearly.
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See, here's the wonderful thing about fandom...

Do you need a tape of the two eps? I have them on my Tivo. (I fully expect to have to make one or two tapes for the unwary on the BAPS list as it is, one more is no problem.)

Hmmmm... You know, I agree with most of those, and find myself nodding along to the tune, but 7's just harsh.

7.) Niceness is overrated. So are group hugs.

I shall politely decide to agree to disagree. *hugs Jenn*

ARGH! Did I ever feed you cookies for Crack!Daphne? I didn't, did I? I love the crack.

Unfortunately, Austria is breaking me. I think I'm out of tissues with all the angst these days. My OTP are being torn apart right and left.

Yep, still sobbing. Damn.

3.) Every time someone does something inadvertently stupid in fandom? We really don't have to all get together and decry it for several journal entries over a few days time. No, really. There are other subjects. Try to find one.

--- Word. Wordy McWord Wordington.

Totally agree with 7 and 10. Repression is bad for your physical and emotional health.

In a world where a person can truly be anonymous and discrete? Why, in most cases, doesn't that person just backbutton away from a LJ that they don't like? Or de-friend? Or never friend in the first place? I'm constantly amazed by people's continual need for attention, even while professing to be anti-social.

*bighug* I'm sorry that you missed SV. Worse comes to worse, you can download the eps from here and the login name: tiny and the password is: vision. They're all around 15 M. alejandradd usually has the new ep up about 2-3 days actual the airing. Hope this helps!

I haven't seen SV in ages -- what happened?

Download smallville ep.

Hey! If you don't mind reallllllly small screens, you can download smallville ep here:


for some reason the scheduals for smallville up here (toronto) is screwed up hence I have to wait till next week for Shattered. However, reading everyone's LJ, I had to see it. Sigh...

Happy downloading.

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