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So, the following happened:
1.) Had a birthday!
2.) Got a Galaxy S6 tablet!
3.) Cedar fever (cont)
4.) Got a cold...
5.) ...asthma took over.

It's not been my worst two weeks, but it's not in my top ten.

In other news: saw Birds of Prey and was pretty shocked how much I liked it.

I knew I'd like Harley (the only parts of Suicide Squad I remember involved her), but I seriously want a movie about all of them, especially Black Canary. Ewan McGregor ate scenery like the best of DC villains and that shit was awesome. Harley as the anti-hero really really really works.

All the women wore attractive, definitely sexy, yet not ridiculous oversexed outfits. No ridiculous cleavage. Lots of punching and hard-ass kicking. And they fought dirty as shit. All of them, but it was super noticeable with Harley, who was the most acrobatic but also bashed many heads into steering wheels and broke many legs at the knee. Like, seriously, I love Black Widow's ballet-violence so much (perhaps too much) but I also like knock-down drag-out. Sometimes on roller skates. (That shouldn't work. I don't know why it works. It works.)

(I am seriously not over the fantastic outfits. Harley especially--talk about a fuck you to Suicide Squad's underwear-shorts--but this is one of the rare times I couldn't identify breast size in every shot. I mean literally: Huntress was in form fitting super hot leather, Dark Canary was in tight pants and a small top, our cop was wearing street clothes, Harley was in a tank under a t-shirt and I think shorts?, everyone looked goddamn amazing--and I did not have to spend quality time staring at their breasts for no reason. Cassandra Cain? Dressed like a normal young girl.)

For a movie that didn't take itself too seriously, though, it had a fantastic deft touch on the parts it wanted you to take seriously. Not many but then again, the entire movie's theme on women meant you didn't need much.


Among them, Black Canary--against her own better judgement--saving drunk Harley from two guys on the rape-path, toxic relationships (getting in and getting out both sexual and boss/singer (or boss/driver), women--again, against their better judgment--supporting each other (at war, even) very much show not tell.

This may be the first time a movie used almost attempted rape and it was both appropriate to theme (all the ways that Harley no longer being Joker's girlfriend aka property was fucking with her) and also not used as motivation to vengeance aka Point of Woman's Rage but--I don't want to say 'routine' but as part of the greater whole.

Later, Ewan McGregor (cannot remember the villain name) in a fit of 'women are laughing at me' makes a woman (who wasn't laughing at him but was laughing) dance on a table and the guy with her cut off her dress. You will be literally shocked when I tell you she is not nude nor actually much undressed (I think she clung to it because I don't remember even seeing much of her bra); the camera spent zero time making her sexy but a lot of time framing it as malicious and psychological violence and not the sexy kind.

No, seriously. This movie managed not to make me cringe.


The hard R isn't a lie, but it's very comic book violence, not realistic. This is not Hostel or Jigsaw. Sexual situations only involve number one below.

1.) Harley drunk with a guy who starts to drag her to a van with a friend. It goes no farther than that whatsoever, is not lingered on, and for what it is, not grossly exploitative of Harley and her clothes stayed on.

2.) Mostly Harley breaking legs/(arms?) at the knee and seeing them bend wrong. If that bothers you, have someone with you, but honestly, we're talking split second 'oh god' and it's done. No lingering shots.

3.) The part where people are hanging upside down--you'll know it when you see it--and he cuts the guy's face off. I saw where this was going and shut my eyes, so give or take a minute and a half in the first quarter of the movie.

There's some minor blood--I think?--but that's the stuff that hits the R rating.

There is probably stuff to critique, but honestly? Right now, I can't see it and don't care. I had an entire movie of fuck awesome and no cringe on treatment of women. I recommend. The characters were interesting, the plot came together nicely, I loved the out of sequence storytelling at the beginning, and I loved every damn character in it.

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