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this really could have been predicted yet I am still surprised

Due to multi-family demands, Thanksgiving (aka At Mom's Thanksgiving) will be the Saturday after.

In a sane world--or with a sane me--I would have realized that meant Official Thanksgiving (11/28) could be celebrated with doritos, fake cheese, samosas, fresh cherries, ice cream, and vodka. Or at least, I would have realized it before I ordered Thanksgiving-related groceries in a pre-Thanksgiving panicc that include none of that but do include a 12 lb turkey, the ingredients for brine, the makings of three (3) to four (4) side dishes, and a can of cranberry sauce, and I really wish I could say that at least showed sense, but no, that was only because I couldn't find my recipe for cranberry sauce and panicked.

But. Let's talk about this turkey. A 12.04 lb turkey, rather, which I'm not actually sure will fit in my freezer no matter how I Tetris this shit, but that's a worry for one hour from now when it arrives. I just scanned my soon to arrive grocery list and I am pretty sure at least some portions were done in a fugue state. Apparently--for reasons unclear--I also purchased Turkey broth, which is twice the price of chicken with no discernible difference in flavor, and I cannot work out what happened.

But also, three (3) to four (4) side dishes; granted, not complicated ones, but this ties back to the turkey situation in which I ignore good sense and also forgot the only people involved in eating this are me and Child and worse, I ordered no doritos or fake cheese at all.

If anyone needs me, I am watching the shape of my fate descend upon me (with occasional digressions) via the delivery map.

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