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GBBO is the devil

Finished series 7 of The Great British Bake-Off, and fighting urge to make puff pastry pies and seven layer opera cakes made up of ingredients I can't pronounce but sometimes involve the word 'curd'. Send help or baking supplies.

Does anyone have an urge to have a fan meetup where we do nothing but bake in a kitchen that if we blow it up, is covered by someone else's insurance (though yeah, not getting that security deposit back)? There should be some kind of resort where all the rooms have magnificent fully equipped kitchens (and a full bar for obvious reasons) and you can get packages like 'Ten Breads and Pastries' and 'All the Cake' where they supply you with baking supplies, daily (hourly?) housekeeping, and a bottle of vodka (for...reasons).

...imagine the foods I could set on fire or failed breads I could sob over in a kitchen I don't have to clean afterward.

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