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Handbrake and the Video Encoding Project (...yeah)

So I started! From my estimate, this could take up to two months (...oh God what), but I'll post results as I finish each batch group. And apart from my own curiosity, I hope someone may be able to use the results to fine-tune their own Handbrake settings.

(Follow up to posts about video, here and here.)

Some info below cut and links

Assuming nothing interferes and everything goes well, the test parameters are as follows:

Movies: 4K rips, 4 movies
Encoders: H.265, H.264, V9
Resolutions: 2160p60, 1080p30, 720p30
Audio: All streams, no compression
Subtitles: All streams, no compression

Shared Folder: Handbrake Encoder Testing

All links below go to files in that folder.

The movies chosen:

Captain Marvel - MediaInfo
Jupiter Ascending - MediaInfo
John Wick - MediaInfo
The Martian (Extended Edition) - MediaInfo

All were ripped with MakeMKV from 4K bluray source, all English audio and English subtitles included.

Basic stats breakdown are in google sheets: Handbrake Test Batch - this includes everything I got from Handbrake and everything from MediaInfo on the audio. If you want/need something more detailed, I ran a bash batch using mediainfo on all my movie files that does a full breakdown of individual stream information on video and audio; the link to that file is above.


For the first batch:

Encoder: H.265

The base presets:
Matroska->H.265 MKV 2160p60
Constant Quality: 24 RF (default)
Audio Selection:
- All matching language (English)
- Auto Passthru - MP3, AAC, AC3, EAC3, DTS, DTS-HD, TrueHD, FLAC
- Passthru Fallback: AAC
- Only encoder is auto-passthru
Subtitle Selection:
- All matching language (English)
- Add Foreign Audio Scan Pass
- Add English Subtitle Track if default audio is not Engligh
- Burn in behavior: None
- Bluray and DVD burn-in deselected

The only two differences from the preset are the audio and subtitle changes; I used Constant Quality RF 24 preset to reduce number of variables.

The same basic preset will be used for each video encoder at each resolution.

So this is apparently happening. Please tell me if the links don't work; they should but google drive is tricky.

And please tell me if there are specific results you're looking for that you'd like me to record. I'll also be putting up a MediaInfo stat sheet of the new files so you can compare information.

Master List
Encoder: H.265
- 4K Bluray Rip to 2160p60 - Complete! 10/11/2019
- 4K Bluray Rip to 1080p30 - Complete! 10/16/2019
- 4K Bluray Rip to 720p30

Encoder: H.264
- 4K Bluray Rip to 2160p60 - Complete! 10/18/2019
- 4K Bluray Rip to 1080p30 Complete! 10/20/2019
- 4K Bluray Rip to 720p30

Encoder: V9
- 4K Bluray Rip to 2160p60 - Complete! 10/31/2019
- 4K Bluray Rip to 1080p30
- 4K Bluray Rip to 720p30

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