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handbrake help

So I need some assistance. Does anyone here use Handbrake?

So when I rip a bluray or dvd, I do a straight rip of all audio and subtitles, lossless if available.

I'm trying--by questionable experimental method--to make a 720p version of all my 1080p files with minimal loss of quality and no loss of any audio or subtitles. Does anyone have recommendations on settings?

My current is working custom (now on version like, ten):

Original Preset: H.264 MKV 720p30 from the Matroska folder

- Video Tab: Constant Quality: 0 (lossless)
- Audio Tab:
- Selection Behavior; all tracks matching selectd languages: English
- Auto Passthru: all formats selected
- Passthru Fallback: AAC
- Audio Encoder Settings:
- 1st: Auto Passthru Quality 10, no mixdown, samplerate same as source
- 2nd: AAC (avcodec) Quality 10, no mixdown, samplerate same as source
- Subtitle Tab:
- Selection Behavior; all tracks matching selected languages: English
- Add Foreig Audio scan pass
- Add English Subtitle track if language not english
- Burn in behavior: Foreign Audio Track

My goal: literally just a smaller resolution for the 1080p movie to 720p for screens without high resolution. How much of this is overkill or am I just using the wrong preset and should pick another one?

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