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john wick is going to happen

I saw one and two in the theatre, but not three, and now I have them all. The anticipation is unreal.

...yet I haven't watched them. A three-part binge was planned, but it has not happened.

I ripped them for the server already, the X-Box is revved up, the discs are waiting. But I just--can't deal with Assassin!World ending yet.

I feel this should be a fannish fusion genre--send your characters to Assassin!World! and not necessarily all as assassins either; I mean, I assume at least a few people are civilians--I mean, how would a assassin-plumber even work? Assassin-surgeon?--and I wonder what it's like to live in a world where you are walking to the library and randomly have to pause for two assassins to do some vendetta-related parkour and be all 'fuck my life, let them confine their destruction to the upper Dewey Decimals this time.'

I can't really work out why I like it, either; I mean, yes, Keanu Reeves exists in it so of course, and yes, him with weapons is--okay, yeah, I know why I like it, but not the world itself.

...maybe there will be a 4???????

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