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At that joyous part of sleep deprivation where my body says, I am tired, and my mind says, no, really, you're not.

Stupid mind.

The Spam Updates

This entire penis-patch thing just makes me nervous. I'm getting forty a day on it right now. I don't even know what it *is*, but those two words together just don't belong.


I...think she's trying to make me feel better.

seperis: Is this working?
rageprufrock: what?
Pru: is what working?
Jenn: MY AIM keeps freaking out unduly for no reason.
Pru: woah, weird
Jenn: DOn't tell me that.
Jenn: Say, "this is normal and not the result of Endless Evil and The Ring".
Pru: but yeah this is working
Pru: sorry
Pru: I was talking about the freaking out
Pru: This is normal and not the result of the Endless Evil and The Ring.
Pru: What the hell have you been watching?
Jenn: I haven't, thats' the pathetic part.
Jenn: I've been very insomniacal for the last two nights.
Jenn: very, very insomniacal.
Pru: oooooooh.
Pru: I'm sorry.
Pru: You...must be sort of hallucinating at this point, huh?
Jenn: I love you too.


Jenn: *nod* I'd be happy as an internet-ready hermit.
Pru: *smirks*
Pru: I have a feeling a large part of fandom would say that.
Jenn: We should all find an island with sattelite television, get huts, and move there.
Pru: *dies laughing*
Jenn: I'd be happy.
Jenn: Endless coffee, internet, and no human interaction.
Jenn: I can AIM people at the next hut.
Pru: You make me want to cry laughing sometimes, Jenn.
Pru: You can't be serious.
Pru: You must like to see people sometimes.
Pru: What about sex?
Jenn: In theory, I should.
Jenn: And I do
Pru: And borrowing stuff?
Jenn: But in actual fact, not so much.
Jenn: What would I need to borrow in a hut?
Pru: ...straw.
Pru: Sometimes, you just straw.
Pru: Different straw.
Pru: Straw that you haven't had a complicated relationship with already -- straw that makes you feel like a new woman.
Pru: Oh, or dirt.
Pru: New dirt.
Pru: Different dirt.
Pru: Dirt you haven't had a complicated relationship with already -- dirt that makes you feel like a new woman.

Apparently, I need....dirt.


This actually may be the best advice I've recieved in the last month. I should iconize this. Must find picture of dirt.
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