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mcdonalds is a drug? I guess?

As it has been roughly surface of the sun temperature for the past four months here in sunny hell Texas, going for nice walks not related to going to work is on par with seducing sun cancer into a long term relationship (which is not uncommon in my family), which means--no fast food.

Thing is, we don't eat fast food much. The store nearest us has a small deli of hamburgers, sandwiches, tortas, salads, tacos, and during winter, multi-Latin American tamales, enchiladas, tortilla soup, and other hell yeah at super reasonable prices; if I want to eat out, I go there as everything is delicious (especially the sandwiches). Once every three months, I get fried chicken or there's a better than average chance murder will happen (I am southern; this happens if you don't get something deep fried and covered with gravy at regular intervals). Once a month, pizza, maybe.

But now, I am desperately starving for McDonald's like, all the time. I have now twice--twice, for fuck's sake--ordered McDonald's from Doordash in the last two months. I am not proud of this, but worse, I'm weirded out as fuck, as McDonalds, before the last three months, was Place of Egg McMuffins, Coffee, and Some Other Stuff. Since I got the hang of making circular eggs at home and Keurig has McDonald's Coffee, it's barely that (once it would have been And Cherry Pies, but they don't have those and fuck them). The three years I've lived in walking distance of McDonald's I haven't even gone there. Once in a while when shopping with mom, we get a cheeseburger and split a frly.

..but these last four months, suddenly I'm starving for Big Macs and Chicken Nuggets, every time I think how close it is to walk there and oh if only: then I'm eating a Big Mac, chicken nuggets, and a super size fry like chewing is optional and this shit is weird.

Right now it is a crisp 88 F, truly near sweater weather. This doesn't end soon, I fear for my arteries.

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