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grapes! all the grapes! cotton candy grapes!


Grapery's Cotton Candy Grapes are now available. I repeat, Grapery Cotton Candy Grapes are now available. Also in select locations: Grapery's Flavor Promise which I managed to find for the first time and have entered a grape semi-coma with at least two and a half pounds left.

Central Market also had grapes, I kid you not, called Plot that tasted a little like Rose. No idea who makes them but man I wish I'd gotten some because three pounds of grapes, a pound of hatch pepper jack cheese, and olive bread really isn't enough even though I can no longer move.

Are the Greatest Grape People on earth available to you? Probably: The Grapery where you can find a complete Grape Calendar with all their varieties (my God, there is nothing here that isn't worth murder) and who distributes their great work.

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