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Watching Bones Season 6, episode 22 again:

Much as I love Bones, she is overall more obnoxious than Rodney McKay. Which even when it annoys me, I like that about her. I literally cannot think of another female character who has this much sheer confidence that simply doesn't even dent, much less break. The closest she came to genuinely shaken on her own abilities was the series finale and that took being inside the Jeffersonian while it exploded and only after she'd verified something was off like five different ways and it was only temporary. I mean, that's...I'm more shaken by life before coffee in the morning.

However, this is not what this is about.

I just realized at the end of the ep when they sent Vincent's body back to the UK that the first really major confirmation Bones and Booth's relationship had changed was when she hesitated to take Booth's arm for a split second, because they were in that super early phase of a relationship where you don't want to talk about it to anyone except like Angela (I think all of us have an Angela in our lives that if we don't tell her about it, it simply didn't happen) and also Vincent's death. So in that second of reaching, she paused to decide if this would be evidence, realized that no, because she took Booth's arm all the time, did the deed, then looked up at him assuming she was looking at him the same as she always did (she really wasn't) and completely didn't care he was not looking at her the same way he did before they'd done the sex.

The last ep of the season is funny because that same thing keeps happening and Bones was kind of right; no one noticed.

(It's also funny because I love Buck and Wanda.)

In other news, I acquired Jupiter Ascending for my first watch since the theatre and good God this movie is fun. I also got Pride & Prejuidce & Zombies and so recommend it right now

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