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So I got an Amazon Prime Store Card, because if you're going to sell your soul, you should be getting a 5% return. For various reasons, I have avoided getting a credit card for some time, but here we are.

However, this is not what this entry is about; it's about what happened when I went to look at Amazon Pantry (again, my soul? Bought for excellent prices), and on the Pantry home page on the top of the left nav, I saw this option: Pay with SNAP EBT in NY. This also applies to AmazonFresh.

I screamed then called [personal profile] lillian13 as the only person available because I knew she'd be excited that I was excited no matter how non-verbal I was. I was right (thank you bb!). Because this is--like a dream come true.

(I have no idea how long that's been an option, so maybe I am late with my excitement, but whatever.)

I'm not going to argue the good/evil of amazon, large corporations, whatever, because I don't disagree and even if I did I'd lose the arguments. I will argue, however, is that we take the positives when we get them because God knows they don't happen often, and this is one time where capitalism and greed and power are actually of benefit to marginalized populations.

Specifically, online food shopping for those using EBT cards. As in, if you live in NY in a food desert or are elderly or disabled or have poor access to transportation or it's not feasible to easily reach grocery stores and you get SNAP, you can order real actual food be brought to your home. And if we are lucky and the profits are good, it could be expanded, and other companies will have to do the same, because Amazon is huge and powerful and hungry for all the money and by God, they will not let Amazon eat all the SNAP pie. (And I really should have paused and thought about it when I realized Amazon accepts HSA cards.)

Predatory convenience stores with ridiculous markups, meat truck scams, everyone who preys on the poor to get their EBT benefits, I see numbers on their days and they're approaching negative and I only wish I could see their evil faces when they no longer have people to swindle. Fuck, people will be able to get the best deals with comparison shopping instead of depending on the single store they can reach.

(Goodbye judgmental assholes in grocery stores who shame and judge people on benefits and what they buy; I hope you stamp your feet and whine every day and please, please die still mad about it.)

I am way too excited about this, but--today, New York, tomorrow, maybe everywhere.

ETA: I forgot to link to the page about it: Amazon: Pay Wih SNAP EBT in NY Apparently this applies to Amazon Pantry, Amazon Fresh, and Amazon itself.

According to the FAQ, this is part of a online pilot program run by the USDA--the most terrifying department in the Federal government and yeah I am including the FBI and CIA--for EBT cardholders. This is goddamn amazing. This is actually happening.

While exploring, I also found Amazon Prime discount for EBT recipients and those with Medicaid. This seems to be across the board, so if anyone has family or friends on Medicaid or receiving SNAP or TANF, you might send them this link.

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