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children of dune - leto 1
I'm really getting extremely tired of being this grumpy. It's *boring*. And also, no one, and I repeat, no one should be up until five in the morning, unable to stop *thinking* about The Ring, when it's been months and I worked out that trauma a damned long time ago.

Seriously, does this happen to everyone? Where you are stuck in a single thought that bores you, scares you, will not leave you alone, and makes you stare at the TV in your room, watching for it to come on, and okay, nothing is more annoying than being bored AND vaguely freaked out. I'm blaming whoever on my friendslist was talking about it recently and had a screencap that would not get out of my mind. *sighs*


For those who are interested in this sort of thing, updated my recs page: QaF, Smallville slash, and other. I need to read through my LJ more often and put this stuff up in a timely manner.

Brian Kinney and the History of Architecture by gradiva. Art, sex, and themeatic smut. Hot, definitely, but some beautiful character moments throughout, and I love how she writes them both. Very, very good.

Someone remind mintwitch that withdrawal from the Word of the Day series could lead to horrors untold. I *need* more. More more more.

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Seriously, does this happen to everyone?

Are you kidding? It's been over a year since I saw The Ring and I'm still trying to get over it. I was only medium-scared when I actually saw it in the theater (and I'm a huge wimp), but somehow it just got into my head and won't leave, and when I'm home alone at night sometimes I still have to consciously think "don't think about that movie!" 'cause an image will pop into my head and make me all jumpy. ::sigh::


I'm not going to *survive* that long.

*looks at TV* I'm so getting rid of it.

Repeat after me:

I have not watched any mysterious unlabeled video tapes. I have not received any anonymous "7 days" phone calls. I like my TV, and it is loyal to *me* and not some creepy dead kid.

And people wonder why I never answer the phone.


My TV hates me. I can see it in it's beady little buttons.

You read Severina's fic, don't you? Well, I think everybody should, but specifically there is this: After the Ring: "Justin has a nightmare. And no, it's not THAT kind of ring."

I love my fandom. We have a story for *everything*.

I even thought of it last night, poor Justin thinking about the girl with her dead, dead eyes....


Well, no. You're not alone. I have to avoid Interferon's site, 'cause of the screencaps from the first chick's death, and Noah's death scene, 'cause then I spend the next three nights *utterly convinced* that Samara is standing right at the foot of my bed, staring at me.

Not doing anything else, just staring.

Those stupid images of that first dead girl--terrified to death. Just. Can't even *think* of it without getting freaked out.

Samara at the foot of the bed? She doens't *need* to do anything, just stand there and--

Oh damn.

Thank you for another night of lost sleep.

*crawls under desk* I want my mom.

Thank you all. I have not seen this movie, and now I know why. My best friend told me, not advised me mind you, but told me I wasn't allowed to see it. Ever.


...is some of the stuff that happened to one or two of the people on the Ring message board. One girl in particular was going to be Samara for Halloween, and her mother hung the dress for the costume on a hanger on the wall across from the foot of her bed while she was asleep. She woke up in the middle of the night and... yeah. There's a girl who's never going to sleep again. Ever.

(Deleted comment)
*giggles, covers mouth in surprise*

See, Ringu? I keep hearing that I need to see it, that it's even *better*. *Better* to me, translates as *will remove any hope for sanity and sleep for the rest of your life*.

Especially that fingernail adn broken neck thing. I totally did not need to know about that, and now I do.

Seriously, does this happen to everyone?

Everything except the staring at the TV bit. *g* And the horror movie bit, unless I was dumb enough to watch one, because they freak me out in the bad way.

But I'm forever thinking about something bad/scary/worrying/depressing right as I hit the Interstate to head to work, and then I'm screwed, because that's an hour of dwelling. Which is *so* freaking bad.


*nod* I'm a dweller. I so dwell. God, do I dwell.

*sighs* Thanks for the hugs, honey.

I was a little innocent girl of eleven years, having lived the sheltered life of an East German kid, and then a friend a I decided to see "Friday the 13th". Not a good idea I can assure you. I had to move into another room closer to the living room after that because I couldn't sleep anymore when I couldn't hear my parents talking. There was a curtain in front of the wardrobe and it moved (because Jason was hiding behind it with his axe). *cough*

I am totally unable to watch horror movies of any kind. However I saw "Blair Witch" and was convinced it was all true. Watch me freak.

I've learned my lesson: never sleep with your hand dangling off the bed for there will come Jason with his axe and it'll be gone forever.

Not psychotic, thank you very much.

Horror movies teach us all kinds of valuable life lessons. Ones that will last you a lifetime. Frankly, I'm surprised our society has people still able to have sex without watching the door to make sure Jason/Freddy/Michael isn't standing there, ready to kill you. How can *anyone* concentrate on orgasms when you're almost sure you're going to die in a bad, messy, screaming, and completely not-sexy way?

I'm with you on the hand thing. All extraneous limbs, under the covers, on the bed at all times. Why take chances?

Seriously, does this happen to everyone?

This is how lame I am: I saw about *ten seconds* of Ringu online (where the girl crawls out of the tv) and it *still* creeps me out, to the point where I can't just walk to my bed when I turn off the light at night. I walk *very briskly* and jump on the mattress. My husband and my cats think I'm nuts.

Even lamer: the rabbit in "Donnie Darko" (he keeps whispering and whispering and doesn't stop) freaks me out.

God, I'm a dork.

You're making me very nervous with this whispering rabbit bit. *shivers* I will not see this, because it's scaring me by proxy.

Walk brisky. Hop, even. *nodnodnod* I would practice my long jump. I *do*. Not that I'm admitting that here or anything.

*eyes bed* Yes, this is going to be another bad night, I can already tell.

I watched Poltergheist at a young age. I kept waiting for monsters to just crash through my wall, take me back with them, and leave nothing but a clean wall and plaster dust. That and the mirror scene with the one scientist creeped the heck out of me. That and the bodies popping up through the floor. Lovely movie for an eight year old, yes? Oh well. It's the curse of having a good imagination that scary movies are *really* scary.


Your recs page makes me deliriously happy. Just thought I'd mention that. Oh, and I second the WotD withdrawal. *nods earnestly*

I have not seen The Ring, but I have a friend who likes to drag me with her to scary movies because they tend not to work on me and she says my eye-rolling and, "Oh, please!" tend to keep her grounded. Of course, this same friend made me watch "Babe" with her. I had nightmares for a month, because talking pigs? Blackest, blackest evil. And all she did was giggle over the singing mice. Bitch.

The singing mice were definately evil.
"Pork is a nice, white meat. ahahahahahahaha!"


Gawd, I hope it wasn't me...

Funny you mentioned the ring...

Somehow I convinced myself that I should watch the movie at midnight home alone. Not a good idea. Didnt finish it and I cant stop thinking about what happens at the end and whos the little girl everyones talking about... And I almost freaked out yesterday when I heard the tv in the middle of the night. I'm a chicken.

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