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it is friday and I scorn productivity

I had this brilliant idea that this weekend that I'd buckle down and do laundry. The piles are endless and I'm running out of underwear. That really isn't going to happen, I can tell you that right now.

Why did I think this foolishly optimistic plan would work?

1.) Last weekend, I cleaned the kitchen. Not up to clean people (or even probably relatively normal "clean" people) standards but there are no dirty dishes anywhere, the counters are wiped down, and the stove is presentable. I have kept it clean a week, which is a fucking miracle, not gonna lie. I thought that meant something. It didn't.

2.) I bought a Laundry thingie that rolls. This did sort of do some helping with sorting and hanging and is super fun to play with and roll around meaningfully but. Not in itself enough to get me off my ass and approach scaling Mount JennjeansAndShirts.

3.) The running out of underwear thing.

This generally works gangbusters. Like, left to the choice between washing my clothes and wearing my old bridesmaid's dress to work--it fits really well and floor length is my favorite and I do have shoes for it. My walk is only 7/10ths of a kilometer.

Interesting Fact Digression:

Due to Pokemon GO, I not only internalized kilometers as a unit of measurement but generally now measure the distance to anywhere by number of eggs and their color. My mom's house is 7/10ths purple, one special, a yellow and a green, or three and a half green; work is roughly one third green).

Returning to subject:

But underwear? That's my line.

Now that Amazon has free one day shipping for my favorite five pack, however, we are at an impasse: I am now adding more laundry to the not-washed (eventually) with even less motivation to actually ever wash anything ever again. Worse, it's cheap enough and useful enough that it doesn't trip my 'wasted money' switch (when are underwear ever not useful? NEVER). This? This is a problem and while underwear are small, so is the square footage of my apartment.

I'm glad you attended my TED talk on ADHD fueled existential horror.

Also! For your Monday-Tuesday Prime Day Shopping needs:

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