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The Toybox

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stranger things s3
children of dune - leto 1
Very not even a spoiler, just an observation.

Honest to God, this town would be nothing but Lovercraftian sort-of-plants, eldritch spider-demons, and random squirming horror-squelch without Joyce paying very close attention to How To Survive a Horror Sequel, including but not limited to always assuming that weird shit going down pretty much always equals evil that must be stopped like now, thanks.

Magnets: *fall*
Everyone: Wait...
Joyce: Were you not here for the prequels? EVIL. A. FOOT.
Evil: Yeah, she's right. Totally evil afooting here.

Same for Nancy, whose instinctive reaction to evil is to go for the nearest gun and shoot until she's out of bullets and fucks to give. Someone else have a gun? Give her the gun; she's going to get it from you one way or another, make it easy on yourself.

Honorable mention to Steve, who is generally left to assure the survival of random genius under-fourteens (and now also the random genius lesbian) and just rolls with that shit. Russians, underground horror-bunkers, demon squelch-spiders, mind-control drugs, whatever, he's all in.

(We also now know he's scrolling through his mental Rolodex for a girl worthy of Robin and probably working out a weirdly endearing plan to set them up and is ready for midnight calls from Robin for advice on how to seal the deal. I have to admit, when Robin's first choice is a girl who sings like a muppet, she needs the help. Pick her someone better, Steve.)

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