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Finished Lucifer Season Four and just--no words.

Just a number list here:
1.) They must have searched the entire goddamn globe for the most doe-eyed woman alive to get this actress. I want to see the call sheet: Must have large, limpid eyes and project innocence like it's their job. I cannot get over how Eve exudes artless, genuine sweet innocence while hosting bdsm orgies, it's ridiculous and awesome. She's a strikingly beautiful, sophisticated woman that manages to give the impression of being the pretty, naive girl next door and both are true at the same time.

And the thing is, that's how I imagine Eve, actually.

2.) Adam pining over Lilith is both hysterical and also makes me doubt his sanity, not gonna lie.

3.) Maze's very brief, very guarded, obviously very bitter memories of her mother are fascinating (see: Adam is insane or something). Her heartwarming stories of her newborn self murdering her siblings however, were deeply awesome.

4.) Chloe's reaction to the revelation about Lucifer went pretty much exactly how I wanted in my secret heart. Lucifer's reaction to her almost-betrayal was perfectly justified; it was actually fairly calm for what happened. I was impressed, actually.

That said, I'm not sure he entirely understood than in addition to dealing with a few millennia of history of good and evil all at once and how goddamn relevant it is all of a sudden (and by the way, she was an agnostic so seriously, Jesus), Chloe doesn't trust 'feelings' like at all, especially her own, and looking at her history of serious relationships you can't really blame her (one corrupt-lite cop, then a sort-of immortal serial killer-ish).

Chloe is a thinker; if feelings hadn't been involved, she probably would have been a lot more suspicious of the priest who showed up surreptitiously, listened, and trusted her own judgement, which on its own is really, really good. But throw in 'in love with Lucifer', she had no bedrock to work from to build an opinion and no star to steer by. In other words, there was no possible way this was going to happen in any other way.

Seriously, she just narrowly escaped marrying the Sinnerman (who was also Cain who was both immortal and kinda sort of evil I mean, really); she probably didn't trust her judgement of the color of the goddamn sky at that point, much less how to reconcile ALL THE LITERATURE AND CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY AND GODDAMN DANTE into something workable about the character of the guy she's fallen in love with. Like, I get Lucifer thought her knowing him for three-four years would be enough to make her dismiss the entirety of human history's many and varied views of Lucifer....

...yeah, he really thought that. Because finding out your potential boyfriend is Lucifer as in Lucifer on top of your ex-fiancee was both the Sinnerman, the murderer of a friend, and oh, Cain, that was definitely going to happen.

Again, I don't argue his reaction at all, but a very real part of me keeps thinking how much could have been avoided if Lucifer had done something not unlike a.) sitting her down and b.) having a conversation about his terrible reputation. Perhaps--just perhaps--before she fled to Europe (EUROPE JESUS I WONDER WHAT IS IN EUROPE SHE'D REALLY BE INTERESTED IN AFTER REVELATIONS LIKE THIS??????), over dinner? Introduce her to Linda and Amenadiel maybe (definitely, why didnt you do that?)? LITERALLY ANYTHING BUT "WELP IT'LL WORK OUT WHEE".

5.) BABY ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6.) I am still not over how Amenadiel and Linda made the most adorable baby ever.

7.) Maze falling for Eve was Biblical. Maze wanting to bang her mother's first husband's second wife/Eve wanting her husband's first wife's daughter...that's just the most wonderful sentence fragment ever written. A whole book in the Bible wouldn't be enough to cover this.

8.) More seriously, I feel like I should have been surprised, but it just felt like yeah, of course. Eve would be attractive to Maze for some of the same reasons that Lucifer probably was, but the emotional connection would come from Eve's taking people as they are.

I'm willing to take arguments against this, but Eve is also unique in all of humankind that she doesn't seem to possess--or even understand--spite or malice. Anger, betrayal, fear, self-absorption, yeah, but those two don't seem to register for her.

9.) Having said that, Eve's increasingly terrible decisions that culminated in demons on earth in an effort to keep Lucifer was--like Chloe's reaction to Lucifer being Lucifer--completely unsurprising considering what we know of her character, which can be summarized as "defines herself by who she's with". Her very creation was defined by Adam; her return to earth was for Lucifer (she says?); her entire time there was defined by him. And again, this comes back to Lucifer's general strategy of doing something and ignoring the consequences (which is all the goddamn time).

I"m not saying he shouldn't have broken up with her, and in a normal human-human relationship, we'd use regular human relationship rules.

This is not a normal human-human relationship; this is an immortal angel/King of Hell and the first woman ever born who a.) you had a super sketchy relationship with back in the garden of Eden and some serious fallout from that shit, and b.) who left Heaven to have sex with you and with whom you willingly entered into a relationship (again). Like, the way you handle the post-break-up is basically any way other than 'welp, it'll all work out'.

No. No, that has never ever worked in your entire history, let me introduce you to your most recent history of Chloe and oh, YOUR MOTHER WHO YOU HAD TO SEND THROUGH A RIFT IN REALITY TO MAKE HER OWN UNIVERSE BECAUSE OF YOUR MULTIPLE "WELP IT'LL ALL WORK OUT" HEY DIDN'T WORK OUT WELP NEVER WORKS. DO NOT WELP ANYMORE.

10.) On a different note, it does strike me as odd how very little fucks Eve had to give about her sons, or at least Cain, who are now both in Hell. It really glares at you considering literally every other parent/child relationship (Chloe and Trixie; Dan and Trixie; Chloe and her own mother; the Goddess and Lucifer, Amenadiel, and Uriel; Charlotte and her obvious pain about her own kids after she comes back from Hell; Linda and Charlie; others I'm missing) show love no matter how complicated it might be. Heck, the non-parent/child of Maze/Trixie I'll throw in as well.

Leaving aside the relationship between God and pretty much everyone, the only actual bad relationship was the Goddess and Charlotte's kids, which we all remember as funny and also lead to her returning to earth to find out she was divorced and denied visitation.

(And an aside: that really makes me wonder what the hell the Goddess did to those kids because a mother not even getting visitation....)

So yeah, Eve's 'whatevs' was kind of jarring. I have no idea if the writers just didn't want to deal with the death of Cain by Lucifer's hand or actually, that was supposed to tell us something about her. I literally don't know; this show has tricked me too many times into ignoring it and then abruptly discovering hey that was actually significant after all.

11.) Lucifer telling all the demons to kneel? Yes, please.

12.) Linda's moment of Solomon and the baby was perfect; of course she'd send him to Heaven and break her own heart if it meant he'd be safe, if she thought she couldn't protect im. And yeah, that's exactly the reason Amenadiel knows their son is safe on earth no matter what; no one could protect him better than the mother who could make that kind of horrific decision and not care about the devastating cost to herself.

13.) I also deeply and truly love Linda and Amenadiel and how their relationship is still changing and developing. It's not about being in love--they're there--but navigating the mundane aspects of being in a relationship that are going to be complicated whether or not your baby is literally the first angel-human baby ever born ever and one of you is an angel with some unresolved issues dating back to circa beginning of time and who has very poor (read: terrifying, surreal, disturbing, wtf) context on how families work, so poor that 'dysfunctional' would be a huge step up.

Like, credit where credit is due, Linda's ability to roll with shit is epic. I mean, Linda, look at your life: your best friend is a demon, you're dating/living with an angel, you're having the first human-angel baby ever with said angel, his brother is your ex-lover and also the King of Hell and who for some period of recent time was banging your great (insert so many great) grandmother, and their mother--a goddess who was sort of divorced and sent to Hell by God--kind of tortured and/or tried to kill you. And you are or have been the therapist for all of these people at some point (excluding the baby).

14.) God that ending.

That has been my feelings. There were so many. Season five now, plz.

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