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update on my life (boring)

So it is June, aka It's Already Fucking Ninety Are You Serious?

After two weeks out sick, I finally went in for my CT scan, and the test results--written in medicalese--seem to suggest that yes, I have some kind of stuffed nose (the word 'mucus' was involved), many words which seem to suggest that indeed the septum is a righty ('septum' and 'right' appeared in adjoining sentences though a lot of words were between them) and nothing is remarkable. I assume a mucus goblin would be remarkable enough to mention, so there goes that theory.

Next: go back to the ENT so he can recommend something. Honestly, unless my life is at stake here, I do not want surgery and the medicalese seemed not to indicate it (degrees of right septumness?) but I'll know more at that appointment.

...good God I lead a boring life. That was literally all my drama for like, a month.

However, I got back in touch with an ex-coworker recently, whose age falls exactly between me and Child, which is significant here. And I realized abruptly while talking to him that Child was still a teenager when we worked together and now years later he is very much not and goes to the same clubs (it's not like there are that many).

I have an entry about this maybe? But he came out to me as bi (with a boyfriend/friend with benefits/roomate with benefits, I honestly can't remember) the first time we went out for lunch (he wore a reddit shirt that day; I asked him if he wanted to grab some lunch. Reddit isn't fangirl, but it is adjacent), which to this day I'm not sure whether I am just a person who looks like it's cool to come out to or he was worried I was hitting on him and wanted to clarify.

During walk to food (reproduced very roughly from memory, as I have no idea what I filed that entry under):
Him: So.....I'm bisexual.
Me: Okay.
Him: ...
Him: Uh, you heard me, right?
Me: Yeah. My son's gay.
Him: Oh.

(I can't remember if I told him I was bi or bi-ish then or not, but more or less like that. Then we bought really amazing sandwiches.)

Anyway, Child--while over the age of consent--was a teenager. Now, continuing.

Cue me being open and honest:

Me: Please don't pick up my son by accident that will be weird
Him: Wait, he's [no longer a teenager but with more words]!?!?!
Me: Oh God yes it's been [years] since you quit.
Him: Oh, that might be weird. But I'd be nice--
Me: I'll also make fun of you both for goddamn ever.
Him: ...[understood but with more words]

Secret: it's super goddamn hard to embarrass Child. I mean, he can be embarrassed but not by like, normal things or things that don't require more effort than I generally really care to expend. In other words, an empty threat...when it comes to him.

Ex Co-worker, however, is a normal human being, knows I am capable of acts of embarrassment that I'll invent, and therefore I win.

(But God that would be hilarious and I'd have material for like, years.)

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