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When I first found Ask a Manager, I sent it to my manager and Sysadmin V because they're--well, managers. Their response: "So it's Dear Abby for work?"

Which is true, sure, but that's not why I read it. Most of my working life has been in public service, like my mother and grandfather before me, so some parts, like salary negotiation, are utterly alien to me, as it really doesn't happen outside very specific and very rule-oriented circumstances and usually that means executives (aka the governor's appointees of course). Salary, for the most part, is intensely transparent for us--as in, not only do we have strict payscales, all state employees and their salaries are published yearly in the newspaper because public and reasons. So there's a lot of 'so that's how that works in the private world' going on.

But mostly, I read it for the same reason everyone reads advice columns: the drama. If you haven't ever read AMA, a sampling. You're welcome.

In no particular order (links to updates when applicable):

Original Post: The One With the Car Accident and Birdphobia
- Update 1
- Update 2

Original Post: The One With the Guy Who Ghosted His Live In Girlfriend and Now She's His Boss
- Update

Note: satisfying.

Original Post: The One With the Poorly-Conceived Prank and Consequences
- Update

Original Post: The One With the Poorly Conceived Surprise Foot Tickling and Consequences
- Update

This one weirded me out on various levels, mostly on how many people--including Alison--thought that holding someone down and tickling their feet at the office is simply a lapse in judgement and totally not a firing offense, which...what? I don't know what to do with that but I do know 'lapse in judgement' is not a valid description.

It also left me conflicted: yes, it's bad to bully someone and everything but a.) why the hell was the tickler not the fuck fired? and b.) if someone had held me down and tickled my foot, they'd have cracked ribs or a cracked collarbone at minimum. It wouldn't be on purpose, but...tickling causes reflexive kicking, surprise!restraint will trigger my claustrophobia and knock me straight into panic, which means my only thought is 'get away' and the corresponding adrenal dump will assure I do it at full strength.

Yes, I did think about this worriedly. It's one thing to say "I'd totally kick them if they tried that shit with me" and then realize "...oh God, I really would kick them, and likely hurt them, maybe a lot, if they tried that on me, fuck my life." I can plan for shit like elevators, small spaces, being restrained, being tickled (avoid all those things) but I have yet to find a working plan on how to avoid hurting someone should they surprise!tickle me under a desk because well, until this entry, I had no idea it could happen so the more you know.

Thanks, AMA.

Original Post: The One With the Manager Who Thinks Beer Runs During Work Are Super Millennial and That's the Least Questionable Behavior As It Turns Out
- Comments: It Gets Worse
- Update 1
- Update 2

Original Post: The One With the Duck Club Except There Are No Ducks and I Pity the Copier
- Update

Original Post: The One With Master Pete and a Poorly Conceived Comparison to Gay Rights (No, Really)
- Update

It must be said, all of these have epic comment sections. And yes, this is an easy way for me to finally bookmark these. Feel free to tell me your faves!

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