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i am watching lucifer again

Second try on Lucifer Season 2 as it did the literal impossible first time around; it hit my blasphemy button.

This is weird as a.) I don't have one of those and b.) seriously, I don't believe in blasphemy any more than I believe apostasy or sacrilege (yeah I'm that type of Christian). And yet, I was very unfine with Lucifer's mother sentenced to earth as a suburban wife in six inch heels. Like, why that would create a new 'wtf no' in my brain I can't tell you but there we were. If you are going to posit God had a wife in fiction, you do not sentence her to the suburbs in stilettos and mini-skirts; that is a bridge too far.

(I don't even pretend to understand it, it just happened. Though can't deny, part of it was disappointment; I was hoping for plagues and murder and laying waste, so yeah that was a factor.)

However, I persevered and at least a third of it is the fact that Chloe lives in a constant state of almost bedhead and I appreciate that so much as that is unique on TV. She perpetually looks like she showered, ponytailed or blind-braided that shit in a state of 'whatever, more coffee', and walked out the door, and honestly I love her for that. I feel her. Like me, she said 'I could save thirty seconds more and care even less' and reached for a scrunchie on her way out the door; how can you not love it?

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