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this is so goddamn charming

Someone is trying to crack my home server through the forwarded ssh port and the logs are goddamn epic. Apparently they've been doing it for many hours and sadly failing like a lot. My dude, I use an extremely memorable and super long passphrase and throw in a special character and number for kicks; there is not enough time left in the universe before entropy overtakes us for you to pull this shit off. But you know, you do you.

I mean, yeah, super bad, access to my LAN and everything, but also, really? This is what you want to crack? You're wasting a truly amazing amount of time to get into an ubuntu machine that exists only because around a decade ago, I wanted to learn command line and ssh and learned to really like it. It's secondary purpose is to rip blurays and host a media server, but mostly, it's me bored on a weekend and spending my free time learning scripting languages, fucking around with installing mulitple distros to see which I like best and always coming back to kubuntu, and crashing it during some very unfortunate experiments that lead to accidentally deleting half the OS.

...greater than five times, but how I did it was different every time.

It is with great reluctance I have deleted the forwarded ports off my router, however; they're literally hitting it every ten seconds and I'm tired of getting logs mailed to me. I'd like to have a moment of silence because this shit is hilarious.

ETA: As I was finishing this after closing the port, they finally stopped.

Further Note: This is totally a legit reason to login as root, right? Just to look around?

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