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Signal Boost: Nifty Neti: Why & How I Rinse My Nose

[personal profile] jesse_the_k posted: Nifty Neti: Why & How I Rinse My Nose

For anyone who has heard about neti pots or thought about using one: really good breakdown, read it. I also actively recommend it; it is not woo nor is it an instantaneous fix. You may notice immediate benefit in feeling clearer for a short time, but don't worry if that seems transient the first few times; this is accumulative. It becomes really noticeable in your daily life after about three to five days of use and you're noticeably less congested. I was still on the fence about it being more than a nice few hour solution until around the fourth or fifth day when overall improvement was obvious in my daily life.

(You may also notice this: your gums and teeth are less sensitive/swollen/sore/weird, the roof of your mouth is less randomly sensitive/less sore, your mouth may taste less crappy in the morning, and your overall sense of taste may change somewhat for the better.)

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