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okay but
children of dune - leto 1
...in my defense, it's not so much that a lot's happened is that I am both super lazy and things happened.

In some kind of order:

1.) Saw the ENT and have another appointment after a six weeks of antibiotics and steroids because nasal infections that last this long need the shock and awe treatment.

2.) Saw Captain Marvel and realized there was indeed a hole in my life before it appeared. Seriously, I had no idea there was so much Carol AND MARIA WHY DID I NOT KNOW THIS.

3.) Learned to use a neti pot.

Okay, much like evangelists for Diva cups (divangelists?) and The Magicians (magelists?), I think everyone should Neti pot now because this shit isn't woo which was surprising. Interestingly, the most dramatic results were the second or third time and then after several days of use where I could feel the difference. So if you were on the fence, a.) head position will work out eventualy just keep tilting randomly until it works out and b.) try it. Not woo.

4.) Still not interested in Game of Thrones and still wish I could flog up the interest. This annoys me.

5.) My home network has undergone a change for teh better which I will go over at some point, including successful creation of a wireless bridge client that is basically a wifi repeater that took me only three separate tutorials to figure out how to get running using DD-WRT.

I keep fighting doing a tutorial on using DD-WRT open source routing software because it's a lot easier than the tutorials make it sound but then there's the fact I don't understand it entirely.

Or rather, I don't understand how the fuck anyone figured out they ever wanted to even use this since it's like the least organized of popular open-source software. It's centralized except nope, it's not, it takes a lot of google and some not entirely reality-based leaps of intuition (baseless guessing) to even find the original DD-WRT flash for my router, and finding the update was...something else. And instructions do not always match version of either DD-WRT or the router, and it just gets weirder. Yes, there's a centralized area or three for this, but it's a crapshoot.

My biggest peeve is the tutorials do not do step-out well, but part of this comes from the fact I've been a program tester for over ten years; I write software tests both at the high level and the stepped out level depending on what we're testing, and I also write tutorials for my unit as well as my teams (and for several other teams) on how to do things to a very detailed level with notes on why to do this. And...there's not a lot of why to do something in the online tutorials when the why actually does matter, which annoys the fuck out of me as a professional because if you're going to write a how-to, go all in and get it done, don't tease.

It's frustrating.

However...its worth it once you have it for the flexibility, but more importantly, what you can learn. If you're just not sure what your network does and the ins and outs of iptables, port forwarding, assigned IPs and static routing, DMZs, firewall options, access control, QoS, it's a really low-risk way to teach yourself by flashing DD-WRT onto an extra or cheap router and going to town playing with the settings without risk. Again, only on an extra router or a cheap router you bought, not your primary. And I do think it's valuable, especially now, to know more about not just your network, but networks in general, and just playing with the different types of network connections teaches you a lot indirectly.

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