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Spoilers below cut re Margo and Josh.

You know, I've now moved onto the fence regarding Margo and Josh. The jury's out, but the last episode was some very good testimony on how this is workable.

Okay, wait: think about it. Josh has two proven qualities I think we can all agree aren't exactly common: he's loyal as fuck and he's a genuinely nice guy (not a Nice Guy) that would literally rather die horribly than have unprotected sex and pass on lycanthropy to anyone else unaware. I mean, yes, murder and rape were on the table too, but that one alone (consenting but unaware/unprotected) was enough to bring on the 'fuck no', which by no stretch of the imagination can be considered a low bar (the other two are 'basic decency bar' but not easy to resist under the circumstances; he cleared those without even trying). He doesn't just say that, either; he locks himself in a goddamn cage to avoid it with all "I WILL DIE HERE DAMMIT".

This puts him as highly acceptable partner material, and that doesn't include apparently a love of cooking which by the way, he's good at, so lets give him points there (like a lot). His worst character traits are some neediness and definitely some self-esteem issues, but in this crowd, that's baseline.

However, here's what makes him interesting: he has a high emotional IQ, possibly the highest in the entire group, and most important, Margo very much does not have that. She has many sterling qualities and some frightening ones, but warm and fuzzy she is not. Josh is ultra-supportive, another super-useful quality when you're king and have pretty much ruled everyone all your life before your crowning.

The biggest problem with the hot girl/not hot guy pairings in general is that we have no idea what the fuck makes the guy mentally or emotionally attractive because generally, he's a goddamn loser or mentally twelve years old. It never actually improves much from there.

Josh however, is smart--as smart as Margo, who knows, but beside the point, he's at least in her general range so won't bore the fuck out of her once the bed stops bouncing--he's a decent magician, he makes friends surprisingly easily, including gods, he can read a room like whoa, has feelings he's not afraid to show (like, all of them, all the time), he's honest (to a fault at times), kind, loyal, and as I said, his best quality here specifically for Margo is his excellent emotional IQ (excellent manipulation skills when utilized appropriately) and he's apparently willing to devote himself entirely to Margo's interests, which kind of for me is a winner when he has all the skills above to back that up.

Like, I think it would be nice for Margo to have someone that is literally All About Her. Hot guys come and go: cute ones smart enough to carry on a conversation, apparently really good in bed, think you're amazing, and want to be your help-meet do not.

OTOH, Margo would be goddamn amazing for Josh and not just ungodly hotness of herself; she's driven, focused, ambitious, which Josh--to put it kindly--is not. It wouldn't hurt for him to get a little more assertive, either, and Margo could teach him that. And let's face it: Josh needs a protector badly and Margo is kind of the epitome of that. I don't know why that works for me (oh, I know why that dynamic works for me), but God, you know he'd like cheer from the sidelines when she beat up someone who hurt his feelings and bring her ridiculously fancy desserts and give footrubs after, come on.

I am still pondering this, honestly due to Josh's excellent performance as Advising Cook (And Very Vulnerable), because that was really sweet. I'll have to see how this develops because it may not be as insane as I thought.

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