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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
Being angry doesn't do much for me, but hell if it doesn't improve my knowledge base.

Page rec for you.

CSS/Edge, which is just so pretty it hurts. Not that it works in every browser, though I've been testing to see which ones I can pull off in IE. I'm partial to the spirals, though I don't think it shows up as completely as it should in my browser. I still like the effect.

Some people throw temper tantrums, and I do that too. Then I watch porn and try to memorize more css commands. I am officially the most useless person in creation, barring none.

devinmoonshine posted our in-progress Arkham collaboration a few days ago, in honor of extremely interesting spoilers. Which is of the good, as far as I'm concerned, since we've both muddled around with it quite a bit.


Arkham 1 by jenn, Arkham 2 by jenn, Arkham 3 by Devin, and Arkham 4 by Devin, in which it's AU and futurefic and I never, ever really get tired of writing futurefic. I just don't.

To everyone who encouraged, thanks. I swear, I'm glittery with the liking and all. I've just been fuming quietly for too long to be publicly polite and squee that *anyone* likes it.

This and That

Third season of QaF DVDs will be released in Februrary. I think I started active drooling there.

A belated quick welcome to any new LJ friends I have. *waves* And to those new to LJ who are braving the wilds of LJland for the first time. First stop--icons. They're like shoes, almost better, except I really *like* heels. Icons are *fun*. And also, this weekend, I'm going on an expedition to find more. I keep looking at the empty spaces, thinking, these *must* be filled. Something with nudity, I think. Hmm.

And welcome to reboot_wlm, who is finally getting around to using the LJ! *hugs*

Anyone bored enough to critique a webpagey thing I'm doing? I kind of need multiple browsers to make sure it works across teh board. Interested, feel free to drop a note.

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i volunteer, if it doesn't need to be done in the next two hours. i'm going out, but will be home by noon PST.

I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove Arkham.

I definitely want more. There'll be more right?
(she said rather desperately)

Pretty please?

Oh, people can just randonmly friend you? Am I people?

::looks cute::

Only just discovered the Arkham WIP and am bowled over by its intensity. Write more! I want to know what happens once Lex is on the outside.

i can test for the opera browser for you. i'm running the latest version unless they've updated in the last week.

also, i have some blank qaf and other icons you can check out. if you like feel free to take them and do whatever you want to them. i don't need credit as they're more or less just caps.

Hey, I'll test for you, jenn. You can probably use a Mac/Safari tester. :)

If you still need a volunteer for the webpagey thing, I'm happy to help. :D

future fic, au fic, jenn fic


Regarding Arkham

This is a compelling story. Thank you for sharing. With respect to the Clark POV pieces, I particularly liked the tone of the Clark/Lois interaction. Incredibly, it is both heatbreaking and hopeful - a pitch-perfect combination.

I hope the story continues as I would love to see what happens next. Thank you for sharing.

A Lurking Reader

it's AU and futurefic and I never, ever really get tired of writing futurefic. I just don't.

ha ha. sorry, wait . . . Hi i'm new although i've been stalking your lj forever. In fact, one of the reasons i frickin made an lj was because i was clicking to your lj too much. (scare you yet?) :P

on a more normal note: You write my favorite type of fanfic and you do it well, so I am happy. Also you recommend things often, with links, which pleases me. That is all.

ummm . . . it's late and i'm not usually this weird?


I loved the Arkham posts, you and Devon are doing an amazing job with Lex and Clark's pov's. I've been swamped with rl stuff or I would have already been here telling you how much I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next.

The stories you tell are always so textured, so real you can touch them. They are always a treasure for me, thanks, as always, for sharing them with us.

CSS/Edge is the website that made me learn to hate Windows IE, mostly because even Mac IE, which hasn’t been updated since 2001, still does a better job with more of those tricks than Windows IE 6. Of the browsers, I like the gecko based ones (mozilla.org and Netscape 6+) for html/css rendering but use Safari for the interface and features.

More CSS goodies:

CSS Play
CSS Zen Garden

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