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update: rabbit hay

So far, the testing of the wheat, oat, and barley hay is going very well; the rabbits weren't enthused at first, but are getting into it now. That part makes sense; the multiple textures are nothing like Timothy Hay or Orchard Grass. Which is a relief: I was going to cut their food a little for a couple of days to get them to eat more hay, but they're already on their way to bunny health.

This is definitely better for their teeth; there's enough of a combination of soft and chewy and textured to gnaw on and enjoy. Since the new base rug and throw rugs were put down, I'm getting them used to me wandering in with the hand vac. My goal is to either a.) get them super used to it or b.) they stop making messes for fun to avoid it aka deposit all the poop in the box, not just most of it.

Bunnies eating hay

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