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goal orientation

Child quit his job at Target, mostly due to a.) being interviewed and hired for lead position but them not giving it and b.) the new manager.

To give context, Child's worked there almost since he graduated high school (about three years) and he abruptly came to talk to me for the first time about quitting a month ago.

Me: Oh thank God. Go to school.
Him: ...not what I expected.

Here's the thing: Child's like me when it comes to many things, and this is one of them. We tend to find something we like enough and plug along at it, and this is really true when it comes to jobs. I say that as someone who worked fast food and retail; left to ourselves, we'll only move on when we find something better because there's almost always something interesting about it that we can like doing. It takes a lot to make us quit; the three times total I quit a job (retail, fast food) was literally moving to a different city and once was a weird confluence of events that have nothing to do with the job.

(It's the one thing I did get nailed into Child; do not, for the love of God, ever mistake work for anything but work. Find something you like and go for it. Then again, I have a very dim view of combining your passion and work; program testing/QA/QC is as close as I'm willing to get to my favorite things to do. I love coding, I love writing, I love building computers, I love many things, but that would not survive worrying about whether I can pay the bills or worrying about deadlines. They're my life, they're for me; they're fun.)

The fact that after we talked, he turned in his two week notice says a lot. I knew he didn't like the new manager, but wow.

So I'm pleased; next job, get him to forget 'what do I need for a future job' and do the 'take random classes that are interesting to find out what you want to do/like/are good at' alongside core requirements. The emphasis on 'college to your job' really isn't doing some students any favors and I don't like the effect it's had on him and his friends. Take Drawing I and II; major in Greek Sculpture if that's your thing; take photography and French Lit and painting and computer animation, and I'll be fucked if you're taking four core classes; choose a science and maybe a math, but one of the other two better be fucking fun.

Now, next job: how to pay his tuition for this semester. There's no time for financial aid, so I may need to look into payment plans to cover it. Luckily, it's the local community college, but I am learning to hate math.

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