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annoyance of the day

Went to Trader Joe's for the first time with liliane and discovered deliciousness.

Except English muffins: these are not English muffins. They are tiny round hard white bread hamburger buns and normally this would not annoy me except I really wanted a toasted English muffin circa 1 AM and am feeling hate. The texture is wrong wrong wrong the grain is wrong, it's unnaturally hard instead of mildly chewy and I FEEL BETRAYED. Also, got lemons crossbred with mandarins and not sure what to do with that.

Also went to Tous les Jours bakery for French-Korean fusion baked goods and I made the mistake of a.) carrying more than $10 and b.) arriving right when they were bringing out fresh baked goods (c.) going in at all, was inevitable once within line of sight). I will not record for posterity anything but the chocolate ganache bread exists and holy shit I pity everyone who isn't me.

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